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Jet Blue


@SofyanAyu_ Want to know a secret? #weloveyoutoo

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  • Jet Blue @JetBlue @jtk1203 Oh no - our maintenance team is working to get you up and on your way as soon as possible. Your revised departure time is 6:00 p.m.
  • Jet Blue @JetBlue @jamesadonner Thanks for the compliment!!! Oh and in response to your earlier question, 6:54 is just a cooler departure time. ;-)
  • Jet Blue @JetBlue @bigchwis11 Catching up on our favorite shows is one of our favorite parts too! :-)
  • Jet Blue @JetBlue @FollowFrancesca Say it isn't so ... sometimes weather & maintenance gets in the way but we always have good intentions. #couplestherapy
  • Jet Blue @JetBlue @SkyWriter012 Hi Jenny! Give Morgan a great big kiss for us ok?? ;-) ^ss



Fares on SALE starting at $49, $99, $129, and $149 o/w. Book by 6/13. Restrictions/exclusions apply. #SouthwestSale http://t.co/OjFzLpSQdF

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  • Southwest @SouthwestAir @thedfordl15 You can either call 1-800-IFLYSWA or if you purchased through .com, you should be able to change there. Have a great night!  AW
  • Southwest @SouthwestAir @EllenConti12  All the passengers will be put on a later flight to AUS.   ^CM
  • Southwest @SouthwestAir Regarding flt 2675 (LAX-AUS): Crew diverted to PHX due to possible security threat. Customers safely deplaned & will take a later flight.
  • Southwest @SouthwestAir @Frizz18 What a heart of gold! And kudos to you for raising such a sweet and determined little one! ^LM
  • Southwest @SouthwestAir @tvztvztvz You can bring your crutches onboard! More info here: http://t.co/gc6KoSDsXQ ^LM

Air Asia


@sschew99 Hi Chew, kindly please contact our Cust Care @askairasia for amendment, thank you.

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  • Air Asia @AirAsia Good news! #AirAsia now flies daily to Banda Aceh from as low as RM99 (all-in-fare)! Book your seats NOW @ http://t.co/58nQRXEVMZ
  • Air Asia @AirAsia @rubylyp Hi, u may change time at Manage My Booking, change fee& fare diff will be charged. More info pls contact CustCare @askairasia TQ
  • Air Asia @AirAsia @cyance5689 Hi, once you make the flight change, change fees & fare diff will be charged. Kindly pls contact our Cust Care for more info. TQ
  • Air Asia @AirAsia @rubylyp Hi, you may change your flight at Manage My Booking, pls note change fee& fare diff will be charged. TQ
  • Air Asia @AirAsia @richardo_139 Hi, kindly please provide your booking no, our Cust Care will assist you accordingly. Thank you.

American Airlines


@pickleddan This particular promotion is only open to the US, however, we have one for UK starting soon. Ahem, very soon. Stay tuned.

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  • American Airlines @AmericanAir @aindee We're very sorry to hear this, Aindee. We hope we can change your mind in the future!
  • American Airlines @AmericanAir @tomekanapper Thank you so much, Tomeka! Have a beautiful day as well.
  • American Airlines @AmericanAir @daniel1686 Unfortunately you can only enter via Facebook, Daniel.
  • American Airlines @AmericanAir @deimil For your privacy please DM us your record locator.
  • American Airlines @AmericanAir @daaanijonesx You're welcome!

Royal Dutch Airlines


@elvalnoel Haha, nou, wie weet, Elise! ;) We wensen je nog een fijne avond!

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  • Royal Dutch Airlines @KLM @StramigioliS facing with KLM app. <<
  • Royal Dutch Airlines @KLM @StramigioliS Hello Stefano, KLM is currently investigating the possibilities of this new platform. Please let us know the issue you are >>
  • Royal Dutch Airlines @KLM @julesdw Well, we hope you get to fly on this one too! :-)
  • Royal Dutch Airlines @KLM @NJamanika hetzelfde zijn als die van een volwassenen. De bagage wat meegenomen kan worden is ook dat wat een volwassenen mag meenemen.
  • Royal Dutch Airlines @KLM @NJamanika Dat kan wel kloppen, Nethely. Als je een zitplaats boekt voor een kind en er is geen kindertarief beschikbaar zal de prijs wel



@MariaClaraGT Maria Clara, lamentamos a demora em nosso atendimento. Podemos lhe ajudar? Estamos à disposição.

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  • TAM @TAMAirlines @Lud_Costa Lud, em que podemos lhe ajudar? Obrigado.
  • TAM @TAMAirlines @LouresLeo Leo, permanecemos á disposição.
  • TAM @TAMAirlines @Kassandrals Kassandra, entendemos suas considerações, porém o bilhete consta com pedido de reembolso. Obrigado
  • TAM @TAMAirlines @FashionistaUP [...] satisfação aos nossos Clientes. Obrigado
  • TAM @TAMAirlines @FashionistaUP Oi, seu apoio e aprovação são a prova de que encontramos o caminho certo, proporcionando [...]



@runwithwes And we cant wait to have you, Wes! See you soon!

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  • Delta @Delta @tobes42 No new Marketing Director, just having bit of fun. Thanks! :-)
  • Delta @Delta @gentrymckeown We try. :-)
  • Delta @Delta 777, can’t you see? Sometimes your jets just hypnotize me. http://t.co/ioppWNdKzu
  • Delta @Delta Take our onboard music with you thanks to @Spotify! cc: @Jaunted http://t.co/bvGRq8d20Q
  • Delta @Delta Bask in the sunshine and see why people call #Stockholm the “Venice of the North”! http://t.co/GFDez7nTsJ http://t.co/r74Jce94GJ

Virgin America


@60secondsoffury We'll need to at least encourage visitors ;)

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  • Virgin America @VirginAmerica @Sandeep_S_Kohli Us too ;)
  • Virgin America @VirginAmerica @kymacdonald Apologies. Please follow and DM if we can help.
  • Virgin America @VirginAmerica @CarlosCamacho__ Awesome. Have a great flight.
  • Virgin America @VirginAmerica @mhcoops18 Sorry about that. Please follow and DM if we can assist.
  • Virgin America @VirginAmerica @richdevin Apologies. Please follow and DM if we can help.

JetBlue Cheeps


BOOK & SAVE NOW 2-night air + hotel packages to Disneyland's Paradise Pier Hotel $449 pp/dbl. occ. #Top10Deals +Restr http://t.co/QJC3vcyXlw

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British Airways NA


@johnwpryor We appreciate your support John!

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  • British Airways NA @BritishAirways RT @RhondaAbrams: only 1 more day til #BAInnovate - @BritishAirways amazing flight of leading innovators solving #global probs. So excited!
  • British Airways NA @BritishAirways Welcome the final UnGrounded group: Team Transatlantic! Roster includes @nskytland from @NASA. http://t.co/s1AEYKLRxr #BAInnovate
  • British Airways NA @BritishAirways Announcing UnGrounded's Team Wingspan, including @weschan! Meet the rest of the team: http://t.co/npnETcyKJv #BAInnovate
  • British Airways NA @BritishAirways @brandonbeemer Hi Brandon. We're sorry if you've been disappointed. Please get in touch here so we can follow this up http://t.co/T1PK8GDaDf
  • British Airways NA @BritishAirways @brandonhimpfen Thanks for the YYZ picture and enjoy your flight!

US Airways


@FabFindsbyTiff Thx for the shout-out, Tiffany! We're happy we made traveling with your kids easy! See you again soon! Thx for the tweet.^KP

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  • US Airways @USAirways @gagadance16 You can find career information here http://t.co/gct6dsU19z. Thanks for your interest! ^KP
  • US Airways @USAirways @adampiper I apologize, Adam. We are working hard to get you on your way. We do appreciate your patience! ^KP
  • US Airways @USAirways @mselheimer Glad things turned around for you Matthew. Hope to see you on a future US Airways flight! ^SV
  • US Airways @USAirways @ricochetralphy Cathy, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please follow and DM your confirmation code if I can help. ^JR
  • US Airways @USAirways @delauren1 I'm sorry to hear. Please follow and DM your confirmation code if I can assist. ^JR

British_Airways UK


@Liz_Gars We are now following you, Liz.

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  • British_Airways UK @British_Airways @kate_cummings It depends on your ticket, Kate. The fare rules are explained at the point of sale.
  • British_Airways UK @British_Airways @Lorelei82 Hi Edith. Unfortunately we do have to apply restrictions for items on board.
  • British_Airways UK @British_Airways @orcldoug It is a unique operation there, Doug. Thank you for flying with us again.
  • British_Airways UK @British_Airways @YogaSeekerJ Jimmy, we understand an email has been sent to you today.
  • British_Airways UK @British_Airways @JaayeHawkins Thank you for your support, Jaye. Hopefully this will help: http://t.co/UvWAPTVIxd



@xavieremir Hi, amazing to hear about your pleasant flight with us. Hope to see you on board soon. :)

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  • MAS @MAS @AliynAmirah - Hi. Do forward the email you've sent earlier to socialmedia.team@malaysiaairlines.com for us to check further. TQ.
  • MAS @MAS @devensong4 Hi, you may send in an email to our customer@malaysiaairlines.com and they will assist you from there. TQ
  • MAS @MAS [MY] Congrats to @paktarm @vivahong & @9star_Micchye! Kindly check your DM for prize collection details. #MHcontestMY
  • MAS @MAS [MY] 2nd Question: What are the names of the 2 stages in RWMF? First 3 correct answers with hashtag #MHcontestMY wins!
  • MAS @MAS @devensong4 Hi, you may send in an email to our customer@mas.com and they will assist you from there. TQ

Promocao GOL


Fernando de Noronha e Peru mais perto http://t.co/Vnf5zzjkg2

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  • Promocao GOL @voecomdesconto Tam Viagens: compre um pacote e ganhe outro http://t.co/3zW4LmfbX7
  • Promocao GOL @voecomdesconto Acaba em instantes! TAM faz promoção para os Estados Unidos com passagens a partir de R$ 1.152 http://t.co/5vvUlPvl
  • Promocao GOL @voecomdesconto Promoção de passagens para Buenos Aires a partir de R$ 233 em dezembro e janeiro com a Turkish! http://t.co/3x6GS4qH
  • Promocao GOL @voecomdesconto Copa faz promoção de passagens aéreas para o Caribe a partir de R$ 1.113 (ida e volta) http://t.co/iXfTz1np
  • Promocao GOL @voecomdesconto GOL responde Black Friday TAM com preços ainda menores http://t.co/iHUVvgfh



@Herzschen1 Nichts Besonderes zu beachten ;-) Wichtig sind jedoch immer die Check-in Annahmeschlusszeiten http://t.co/qbROM9JSWE. /Ines

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  • Lufthansa @Lufthansa_DE @FastTransit Es tut mir leid, das zu hören! Haben Sie sich schon an die Kollegen vom Kundendialog http://t.co/lta8WAWaS9 gewandt? /Ines
  • Lufthansa @Lufthansa_DE Die Wolken türmen sich wie Schaum in der Badewanne - ein Genuss. Was ist Ihr Blick? http://t.co/GPTd4qZvT2 #Airview http://t.co/DjwbTPimLf
  • Lufthansa @Lufthansa_DE @marcoschueller Tut mir sehr leid zu hören.... soll aber in 20Minuten losgehen! Guten Flug /Ella
  • Lufthansa @Lufthansa_DE Wer #Dubai jenseits der Wolkenkratzer erleben möchte, findet hier die alten orientalischen Plätze der Stadt: http://t.co/t8gAs8BMzL
  • Lufthansa @Lufthansa_DE @ryantoy Enjoy your flight and have a safe trip home! /Nes

Virgin Blue


@I_Am_Eleven We're happy to hear our team is helping to make your day a little easier! Have a great flight

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  • Virgin Blue @VirginAustralia @jamesward Hi James, our VA555 SYD - PER service on 13/07 is operated by an Airbus A330-200 jet engined aircraft
  • Virgin Blue @VirginAustralia @ValerioVeo Hi Valerio, it's looking good so far :) Have a nice flight
  • Virgin Blue @VirginAustralia @RebeccaPatters1 We're concerned to hear about this. Could you send us your contact and flight details to our form?: http://t.co/egRZdzdyxn
  • Virgin Blue @VirginAustralia @paolotarray We hope you have a great flight Paolo!
  • Virgin Blue @VirginAustralia @acoombea Hi Andrew, apologies again. If you can provide details via our online form we can follow up: http://t.co/mPG86Jx3lk

Alaska Air


@carl_gross It was our pleasure having you on board! :-) *JJ

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  • Alaska Air @AlaskaAir @byf1 Hi Steve- It was our pleasure to have you onboard! :-) *JJ
  • Alaska Air @AlaskaAir @JulieEY Hi Julie- is there anything that I can help you with? *LK
  • Alaska Air @AlaskaAir @tbc5150 oops messed up my smiley :-) *LK
  • Alaska Air @AlaskaAir @tbc5150 @TimbersFC Yes, hopefully next time! :- *LK
  • Alaska Air @AlaskaAir @tbc5150 Have a great flight, Chris! *LK

Hawaiian Air


Tune into @PBSHawaii tonight at 8pm & see local musicians perform in Na Mele: Na Lani Eha from Iolani Palace – http://t.co/1WA3dOoLXa

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  • Hawaiian Air @HawaiianAir @spaman96 We haven't made any official announcements but we'll make sure to share it with our Tweeps when we do!
  • Hawaiian Air @HawaiianAir Win 100k @HawaiianAir miles! @PointsHound is giving away up to 100k Miles. RT to enter #winhawaii Terms: https://t.co/8B5RAnADHF
  • Hawaiian Air @HawaiianAir @brklynpnut I'm sorry but could you tell us what you need assistance with?
  • Hawaiian Air @HawaiianAir Win 100k @HawaiianMiles! @PointsHound is giving away 25k miles +10 for every RT. RT to enter #winhawaii Terms: https://t.co/8B5RAnADHF
  • Hawaiian Air @HawaiianAir Happy #KingKamehameha Day! See how #TeamKokua celebrated the weekend festivities in our Flickr album here – http://t.co/C7LcjvO0h4



@drpepper & Diet Dr Pepper from @DrPepperSnapple Group have been added to our in-flight beverage service! http://t.co/5hPZhBAfpB

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  • Spirit @SpiritAirlines Last Minute Deals end tonight! Travel Dates: May 28, 2013 - June 11, 2013. #Dallas #Chicago #FortLauderdale #NYC http://t.co/u2eNIpA5WI
  • Spirit @SpiritAirlines One Day Only! Flight Attendant Open House in Chicago tomorrow, May 18th! Details: http://t.co/nmAG8A4aZR
  • Spirit @SpiritAirlines Are you a flight attendant? We will be in #Chicago for a one-day Flight Attendant Open House this Saturday! Details: http://t.co/qBe8LSibdw
  • Spirit @SpiritAirlines The day is here! We are giving away 25 Million Frequent Flyer Miles in Philadelphia @PHLVisitorCntr. See you there! http://t.co/yOIWGmIxmw
  • Spirit @SpiritAirlines We are back in #Chicago for a one-day Flight Attendant Open House this Saturday, May 18th! More details here: http://t.co/LEGCBJFddn #jobs



@thegreatlashden Hello! Could you please provide us with your booking number? We will check!

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  • airBaltic @airBaltic @JRoze_LV Labdien, lūdzu atsūtiet DM ar rezervācijas numuru. Palīdzēsim.
  • airBaltic @airBaltic @Loskutovs Atvainojamies par novēlotu atbildi. Sistēmas kļūdas dēļ saņēmām ziņu tikai tagad.
  • airBaltic @airBaltic @Loskutovs Lūdzu, atsūtiet DM jūsu rezervācijas numuru, pārbaudīsim.
  • airBaltic @airBaltic @kottwitzstr Hello! EUR 25 fee covers extra 5kg on top of your checked  ag allowance. Please find detailed info here: http://t.co/YuIYG2MhLN
  • airBaltic @airBaltic @Yesilojelikiz Hello! Please let us know how we can assist you.
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