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Queen Latifah


Thanks to my #GlamSquad @SamFineBeauty, @TimothySnell1 & @HAIRSAVVY1! #QLShow #CanadaUpfronts

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  • Queen Latifah @IAMQUEENLATIFAH Hanging' with #PaulNewman in #Canada while doing press interviews for the #QLShow! ;))) http://t.co/ez88E3xE3P
  • Queen Latifah @IAMQUEENLATIFAH http://t.co/v17IGdM1wt RT @whitewolf2226: @IAMQUEENLATIFAH give us the address!
  • Queen Latifah @IAMQUEENLATIFAH Just click http://t.co/v17IGdM1wt to see my first #Instagram photo!
  • Queen Latifah @IAMQUEENLATIFAH Hey Tweeps! Check out the official Instagram page for my new talk show @QLshow... NOW!!!! ;)))
  • Queen Latifah @IAMQUEENLATIFAH "kick ass" http://t.co/E1zltFvpvy

Lenny Kravitz


To my dearest Godmother #CicelyTyson. Congratulations on your #TonyAward for bountifulbway. As… http://t.co/WqZ5hnBjQF

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Rev Run


The Lord did not pick me up & fix me to leave me lonely & diss me #NOPE! Power thought

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  • Rev Run @RevRunWisdom jesussavesbro's photo http://t.co/a0sVaStDgI this is the truth!
  • Rev Run @RevRunWisdom Everybody carries some kind of burden,, its how you carry it that counts #BeEasy! take it light
  • Rev Run @RevRunWisdom Wake up..Never let LIFE or unpleasant circumstances change the happy vibrant person you used to be #NEVER!!!
  • Rev Run @RevRunWisdom All the good that belongs to me comes to me constantly and instantly #PowerThought
  • Rev Run @RevRunWisdom Everything does NOT deserve your attention... Click here ---> http://t.co/gZvp63okLe

MC Hammer


#Collegetrack2013 Thanks to #Uber for your support!!! https://t.co/v2W4P5uUev #Uber

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  • MC Hammer @MCHammer Spinning and Winning !!! #Collegetrack2013 https://t.co/aHXjt7FSZh
  • MC Hammer @MCHammer Thank you Laurene Powell Jobs for all your hard work and commitment to #Collegetrack http://t.co/YNrBkF8Ekn
  • MC Hammer @MCHammer @CJSPILLMAN27 We had a ball !!! Great hangin' with you too ! #Salute
  • MC Hammer @MCHammer Had a great time with the legendary John Lasseter at #Pixar yesterday What a great guy !!! #Collegetrack2013 http://t.co/GSAXDEQN4H
  • MC Hammer @MCHammer Salute to the dancers, DJ's and cheerleaders at #Collegetrack2013 http://t.co/gCFuZteoGB

Paula Abdul


What one thing WILL you do TODAY, what one brick can you secure, to build your dreams? xoP

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  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul @officialrise24 No preaching, DOING!! Lol. :) xoP
  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul The past is only part of your life's clay. The color, the texture, the shape, the use - YOU fashion what it will become. xoP
  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow” @theRealKiyosaki (TODAY is yours - own it! xoP)
  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul Sending a big hug to @ShopCosabella celebrating their 30th anniversary :) I LOVE their lingerie!! xoP #Cosabella30
  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul Encourage & Inspire - write #LoveNotes - be sure to include yourself! Dear Self, You're beautiful and I love you. xoP



As promised. iiii]; )' http://t.co/ShlYv53G5o

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Billy Ray Cyrus


So sad to hear of the passing of my good friend and legend Mr Chuck Black. You will be missed.. but a great voice has been added in Heaven.

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  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus @MileyCyrus Congratulations on #We Can't Stop. Number One on itunes! Smile and be happy Bud. Enjoy the ride ..."MUSIC CHANGES EVERYTHING".
  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus Thank you to all our Veterans and your families. Your service and sacrifice is the reason for our freedom "All Gave Some ...Some Gave All".
  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus Pray for our troops today ...give thanks for our Veterans.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus Have you downloaded the free song? @Amazon https://t.co/4bu51X2AIV
  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus Thank you Ryan’s®, Country Buffet®, HomeTown® Buffet, Old Country Buffet® and Fire Mountain® for helping me support our troops. #support



#Endorsed It's my first road trip on my Prius v. Got cruise control,Nav, SiriusXM & Pandora! http://t.co/NL37I95ZZv #GoPrius @toyotalatino

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  • JonSecada @JonSecada Hanging with the Brazilian Ídolos Kids crew! http://t.co/G0pbtMnJls
  • JonSecada @JonSecada #Endorsed It's my first road trip on my Prius v. Got cruise control,Nav, SiriusXM & Pandora! http://t.co/U2C2nwiXPa #GoPrius @toyotalatino
  • JonSecada @JonSecada #Endorsed Voy a conectar Pandora y Movie Tickets para mi Prius v con Entune aplicación! http://t.co/U2C2nwiXPa #GoPrius @toyotalatino
  • JonSecada @JonSecada #Endorsed Setting my accounts for Pandora and Movie Tickets for my Prius v. from Entune app http://t.co/U2C2nwiXPa #GoPrius @toyotalatino
  • JonSecada @JonSecada RT @JonSecada: ♫ One of my favorites from 2005 - https://t.co/4cYR2M5psc (via @Twitmusic)

Erykah Badu


@__theKOLDEST haha. :-)

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  • Erykah Badu @fatbellybella @devilynanudress you will win.
  • Erykah Badu @fatbellybella chop chop.
  • Erykah Badu @fatbellybella Organizing crates. Setting Q points.
  • Erykah Badu @fatbellybella @IsaacTraore "I love bad bitches that's my f$ckin problem. And yeah I like to f$ck I got a f$cking problem."
  • Erykah Badu @fatbellybella @free_limbo girl u missed it .

Neil Diamond


I'm grateful to be with my family on this Memorial Day weekend. http://t.co/z68uXEd4rb

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  • Neil Diamond @NeilDiamond ...and not to be forgotten- Happy Mothers Day also to the Moms caring for dogs, cats, horses and all creatures great and small. Love, Neil
  • Neil Diamond @NeilDiamond Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful Mom and to all Mothers, Mothers-in-law, step-Moms, foster Moms, and Grandmas out there! Love, Neil
  • Neil Diamond @NeilDiamond Donating these royalties to #OneFund! RT “@Nielsen_Ent: ‘Sweet Caroline’ sales up by 597 percent, selling 19K after Boston bombings.
  • Neil Diamond @NeilDiamond Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife. One year and still going strong. I love you baby!
  • Neil Diamond @NeilDiamond In the company of heroes. #oneboston http://t.co/R6YIUKJtNG

Melanie Brown


Why am I awake right now??

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  • Melanie Brown @OfficialMelB #jennycraig thank you for getting my birthday body in shape!!!
  • Melanie Brown @OfficialMelB @howiemandel prove it
  • Melanie Brown @OfficialMelB Yippee can't wait“@jayleno: TONIGHT: @KevinBacon, @nbcAGT judge @OfficialMelB and music from Bad Company (@officialbadco)! #TonightShow”
  • Melanie Brown @OfficialMelB Ahh my girls http://t.co/4OCzqTQcOV
  • Melanie Brown @OfficialMelB Buckaroo with grandma and the kiddies sooo much fun forgot how I used to love playing this game as a… http://t.co/AScY3elqat

Reba McEntire


Check out Reba's feature in the current issue of @JetsetOnline: http://t.co/qWdm3jXFJi http://t.co/vbWRsUnTZn

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  • Reba McEntire @reba I hope everyone is ok after the storms coming through the Nashville and surrounding areas.
  • Reba McEntire @reba @julietteangelo ha!!!
  • Reba McEntire @reba @CarolineKole Have fun this week!! Bought your single "Money To Me" on iTunes this morning! Love it!!! Way to go!!!
  • Reba McEntire @reba @SusieMcEntire Hope you guys had a great time!!!
  • Reba McEntire @reba @RebaLuver That's really cute! happy birthday!!

Back Street Boys


I never knew I could love till the end of time... #BSBGiveUsInAWorldLikeThis https://t.co/V4x6LUMEZT

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  • Back Street Boys @backstreetboys Alright, alright we see you! Another lyric snippet of In A World Like This coming right up! You ready? #BSBGiveUsInAWorldLikeThis
  • Back Street Boys @backstreetboys @teresacalhoun we can't wait to see YOU! :) #BSBGiveUsInAWorldLikeThis
  • Back Street Boys @backstreetboys @AntoLittrell Of course not!!!
  • Back Street Boys @backstreetboys @iLingg We see them :) #BSBGiveUsInAWorldLikeThis
  • Back Street Boys @backstreetboys Gotta keep tweeting #BSBGiveUsInAWorldLikeThis... ;) RT @almiuxita Yes!! Cmon boys #BSBGiveUsInAWorldLikeThis

Gene Simmons


@Marctheplowman No, sir. Not me.

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  • Gene Simmons @genesimmons @parrish_art Ok.... So, who manufactures. Who distributes. Who pays for making it? Selling it? Advertising it? Advances? Royalites? Who?
  • Gene Simmons @genesimmons @JimmyD1959 No.
  • Gene Simmons @genesimmons @parrish_art Unfortunately, ideas are a dime a dozen... You need: Distrib, Mfg, and Funds. The idea is secondary. That's life, sir. Thanks.
  • Gene Simmons @genesimmons @yeltsin67 BORIS wants to know if I'm the real ME. Can't shove my tongue in front of your face... Not that I want to, mind you...Believe.
  • Gene Simmons @genesimmons So, unless you hear it from me, gossip, lies and other garbage is...garbage. Ask me if you wanna know. I'm here. Deal?

Donnie Wahlberg


The next 6 Package Tour After Parties are up & selling fast! Pittsburgh, Jersey, DC, Philly, Brooklyn & Nashville! http://t.co/5L80Yaov1Y

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  • Donnie Wahlberg @DonnieWahlberg Me and @DJSTUBBS23 working it out at #ThePackageTour Official After Party! Stubbs is rocking it out here! http://t.co/jPtIjKQU8Y
  • Donnie Wahlberg @DonnieWahlberg @nowayendi maybe. ;)
  • Donnie Wahlberg @DonnieWahlberg @shrek73 @patriots who the heck said Tebow was better than Russell Wilson? head scratcher.
  • Donnie Wahlberg @DonnieWahlberg I love this city! Had a chance to live in Pittsburgh for 5 months shooting The KillPoint! Loved every second of it! Can't wait til tomorrow!
  • Donnie Wahlberg @DonnieWahlberg @clinton_lowe @patriots exactly! you are right. that is the only team that works for him and his only hope. but i think it will work.

Sebastian Bach


Going round & round @ the #Planetarium #Shhh #ItsDark #NoPictures #Space #TheFinalFrontier @ Griffith… http://t.co/bCcgX0oM20

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  • Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach @jerzmomo running always kicks my ass. That's why I do it
  • Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach Why not? RT @lucastardust: @sebastianbach Why do you run so much?
  • Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach Wow dude! Yes!! The best sounding headphones in history! I have used them to make all of my albums ! #SorryDrDre @RayHartjen
  • Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach Finished Run with @runmeter, on Coldwater Canyon route, time 55:42, 5.10 miles, behind best run 4:34, average 10:55.
  • Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach Started Run with @runmeter at 7:13 PM, on Coldwater Canyon route, Runmeter will speak your replies to me.

Papa Roach


Krakow Poland at Klub Studio was amazing! Thank you guys!! http://t.co/3rJEFZmLmM

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Jordan Knight



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  • Jordan Knight @jordanknight Cleveland!! ur always one of the LOUDEST crowds!... And we LOVE it, and YOU!!! Thanks for always rockin'!!! KISSES💋💋💋
  • Jordan Knight @jordanknight Oh shit! I said Cincinnati!! #delirious!
  • Jordan Knight @jordanknight Not Joey Mac..Joey Fatone!!! Cincinnati! Bye by e bye! https://t.co/ene0ykjFH0
  • Jordan Knight @jordanknight Who? https://t.co/mWcNXQQSGB
  • Jordan Knight @jordanknight Cleveland! We're here!! U ready???

Joey McIntyre


Coming out of Fort Pitt tunnel- I 'member this from '88! So cool. https://t.co/Ovvy1WDEM0

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Jonathan Knight


@kirstiealley hugs and kisses! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I will see you real soon!

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  • Jonathan Knight @JonathanRKnight @PITTSBURGHGRL haha ran into????? Such a loose term for someone that knew exactly where we were. ;) #igotyournumber
  • Jonathan Knight @JonathanRKnight @kirstiealley how did I miss this? Hope your cheater has bedroom skills that make your toes curl ;)
  • Jonathan Knight @JonathanRKnight @Isaclara it not me! It's Joe
  • Jonathan Knight @JonathanRKnight @istillheartjoey it is!
  • Jonathan Knight @JonathanRKnight @desertlil1 7
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