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Taylor Swift


21, 23, 22. So on average, 22. @RizzleKicks @edsheeran backstage in London. http://t.co/gOnOvh5Vxl

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  • Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 Thanks @edsheeran for surprising the crowd and coming out to sing 'Everything Has Changed'. Everyone went INSANE. #CapitalSTB
  • Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 Looking out into a crowd of 80,000 with their phones up, all lit up, was breathtaking. London. I just adore you. #CapitalSTB
  • Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 Backstage at Wembley Stadium, eating candy, waiting to play later on- stoked for tonight! #CapitalSTB
  • Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 The heart shaped glasses! The confetti! The dance party! @jayleno's '63' is SO worth watching. https://t.co/PJiwpnTEXW
  • Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 Thank you @TheTimMcGraw & @KeithUrban for joining me onstage for 'Highway Don't Care' at CMA Fest!And thanks for the #1, country radio! FUN!

Jessica Simpson


My loves http://t.co/MOnAV6LzWn

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  • Jessica Simpson @JessicaSimpson Proud of u Dad!! RT @PapaJoeSimpson: Tonight is the premier of my show "the Alextrix". MTV 11est 10cst 8pct http://t.co/yE2FL7gKUy
  • Jessica Simpson @JessicaSimpson Metaphor http://t.co/BABKTF7S3d
  • Jessica Simpson @JessicaSimpson Breeding at it's best! RT @caceecobb Showered with so much love yesterday,Thank u @JessicaSimpson #bestbabyshowerever http://t.co/1epUQWT47A
  • Jessica Simpson @JessicaSimpson The ultimate #tbt http://t.co/UnFNKiNtfl
  • Jessica Simpson @JessicaSimpson A Perfect Day! RT @MarthaWeddings sneak peek of @caceecobb & @donald_faison wedding video! @mrwadekoch @bashplease http://t.co/mNUdOZFHG2

Jennette Mccurdy


My bday is coming up! If you wanna be a good fan & get me something (lol), how bout helping out my pals at St. Jude? http://t.co/3X6t8EdAR2

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  • Jennette Mccurdy @jennettemccurdy @MirandaCosgrove you look amazing!!
  • Jennette Mccurdy @jennettemccurdy No man makes me more nervous than one in argyle. You just know he's gonna start talking about golf.
  • Jennette Mccurdy @jennettemccurdy Man! All these runners around Central Park make me really want to... not run.
  • Jennette Mccurdy @jennettemccurdy NEW episode of Sam & Cat this Saturday night! This is one of my favorites, which obviously means you should watch it.
  • Jennette Mccurdy @jennettemccurdy I think God was sent down to my hotel room... http://t.co/a3xpNWaz3U

Dolly Parton


As peaceful as a river and as lasting as forever, you know we'll always be together, you and I! :)

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  • Dolly Parton @DollyParton I hope people realize that there is a brain underneath the hair and a heart underneath the boobs! ;)
  • Dolly Parton @DollyParton I look just like the girls next door... if you happen to live next door to an amusement park. ;)
  • Dolly Parton @DollyParton I've always been misunderstood because of how I look... Don't judge me by the cover 'cause I'm a real good book! ;)
  • Dolly Parton @DollyParton The magic is inside you - there ain’t no crystal ball! :)
  • Dolly Parton @DollyParton My love for you is deeper than the depth of any ocean and as faithful as the stars that grace the night... :)

Miranda Lambert


It's summer in Oklahoma. I guess me and the dogs should get some sun. They could use a tan🐶!

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  • Miranda Lambert @mirandalambert I wanna go to a "Swoncert"! And I want it to be in "Bradberryville" . I'm kinda stalking #TeamBlake
  • Miranda Lambert @mirandalambert “@biteme44: Those swon brothers are so cute!” Yes. Yes they are!
  • Miranda Lambert @mirandalambert @blakeshelton u know i love your moves but I can't even talk about what @Usher just did on the voice. He's got me "Twisted"! What a badass
  • Miranda Lambert @mirandalambert Thanks New Town ND! Y'all were so fun! And LOUD! Came to party and did it right! #beerdrinkers
  • Miranda Lambert @mirandalambert I heard @blakeshelton had to wait till after midnight to go on at LP field tonight. And I heard it was still packed!!! #myhusbandisarockstar

Billy Ray Cyrus


So sad to hear of the passing of my good friend and legend Mr Chuck Black. You will be missed.. but a great voice has been added in Heaven.

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  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus @MileyCyrus Congratulations on #We Can't Stop. Number One on itunes! Smile and be happy Bud. Enjoy the ride ..."MUSIC CHANGES EVERYTHING".
  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus Thank you to all our Veterans and your families. Your service and sacrifice is the reason for our freedom "All Gave Some ...Some Gave All".
  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus Pray for our troops today ...give thanks for our Veterans.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus Have you downloaded the free song? @Amazon https://t.co/4bu51X2AIV
  • Billy Ray Cyrus @billyraycyrus Thank you Ryan’s®, Country Buffet®, HomeTown® Buffet, Old Country Buffet® and Fire Mountain® for helping me support our troops. #support

Lady Antebellum


Yesterday was awesome. Big thanks to @newgyrobopong for all their help for @LadyAID. And for the Robo Pong! http://t.co/ygVJHGDIWW

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  • Lady Antebellum @ladyantebellum UK radio promo. goodbye town baby. http://t.co/TQIRQApdgL
  • Lady Antebellum @ladyantebellum thanks to all you fans who came out and cheered dave and I on. too much fun. ck
  • Lady Antebellum @ladyantebellum Thank you all for being a part of this with us and supporting @LadyAID. Y'all were awesome! #CMAfest http://t.co/AsxcnBuVui
  • Lady Antebellum @ladyantebellum Game faces are on. #TheDynasty #CMAfest #LadyAID http://t.co/WkPdyOLdgy
  • Lady Antebellum @ladyantebellum And the championship begins! #thedynasty #cmafest https://t.co/r01tmJuo63

Kenny Chesney


with @ericchurch in Philly. #NoShoesNation http://t.co/Tq21yEIZaT

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Keith Urban


I'm guessing this astro turf ain't gonna mow itself!!! -KU http://t.co/F4C2BbLp1R

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  • Keith Urban @KeithUrban Three months from today. #Fuse http://t.co/3sn4JpIYuN
  • Keith Urban @KeithUrban Mmmm.... Just got stuck in a bit of "traffic" leaving LP field tonite.... Hilariously stuck!!!! -KU #CMAfest
  • Keith Urban @KeithUrban #CMAfest?....U guys were OFF THE HOOK tonite....more energy than a Red Bull IV... THANK YOU!!! -KU
  • Keith Urban @KeithUrban .@TheLPField and #CMAfest.... are you ready to get your GROOVE on tonight??
  • Keith Urban @KeithUrban Today is the last day of the scavenger hunt! Check in to ALL 12 locations before 11:59PM tonight! http://t.co/Q2QVUCVYdC

Kelly Pickler


Sunny beach-Check! Umbrella drink-Check! Cuban Cigar-Check! Big hat-Check! Partner in crime-Check!#CostaRicaGirlsTrip http://t.co/UGAQ8VnQIH

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  • Kelly Pickler @kelliepickler Hola Costa Rica!!!! ;) http://t.co/0DXHEdQTsY
  • Kelly Pickler @kelliepickler Thanks to everyone who came to party with me at The Stage! Cheers! #CMAfest
  • Kelly Pickler @kelliepickler Headed to The Stage on Broadway! See y'all there? #Nashville #HonkyTonk #CmaFest ;)
  • Kelly Pickler @kelliepickler Today's the day! Shooting the video for "Someone Somewhere Tonight"....
  • Kelly Pickler @kelliepickler Of course the camera & Teleprompter break while Scotty & I are presenting, so if we looked like a deer in headlights you know why! Ha ha!

Reba McEntire


Check out Reba's feature in the current issue of @JetsetOnline: http://t.co/qWdm3jXFJi http://t.co/vbWRsUnTZn

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  • Reba McEntire @reba I hope everyone is ok after the storms coming through the Nashville and surrounding areas.
  • Reba McEntire @reba @julietteangelo ha!!!
  • Reba McEntire @reba @CarolineKole Have fun this week!! Bought your single "Money To Me" on iTunes this morning! Love it!!! Way to go!!!
  • Reba McEntire @reba @SusieMcEntire Hope you guys had a great time!!!
  • Reba McEntire @reba @RebaLuver That's really cute! happy birthday!!

Zac Brown


Unbelievable night with Kenny Rogers & Kid Rock during our set at #cmafest Thank you, Nashville!

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  • Zac Brown @zacbrownband @JessicaLeeB7 @Maggie_Mayfield @TReifsteck @_Lil_Meg_ @MillyMurph Is this code for something?
  • Zac Brown @zacbrownband @klamz32 @LukeBryanOnline @ericchurch @mirandalambert @taylorswift13 We can't wait to see you. #CMAFEST
  • Zac Brown @zacbrownband Taking a deep breath before the madness. #CMAFEST
  • Zac Brown @zacbrownband Lucky to spend an afternoon w/ #Zamily! Best way to start #CMAfest performing for the best fans at the reunion party. http://t.co/ETNvcgTFJh
  • Zac Brown @zacbrownband @KristinSpaide @ansonmount If you listened to two songs ALL day, you'd eventually get tired of them.

Jake Owen



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  • Jake Owen @jakeowen “@Bonomo27: @jakeowen feeling bummed. Any advice?” Yeah, put a shirt on in your twit pic.
  • Jake Owen @jakeowen Ok..I gave in. @stageit show tonight. I'll play songs from my kitchen table while you drink a beer sittin at yours. http://t.co/aWzCB9gDJV
  • Jake Owen @jakeowen “@allisons15: Hey @jakeowen do we have a stage it date tonight? Trying to decide if I need to stay up past bedtime. #weeknight” Should we?
  • Jake Owen @jakeowen “@xomgitzjenniex: If @jakeowen ever tweets me I'll cry and will seriously get a lyric from one of his songs tattooed on me.” Get the ink...
  • Jake Owen @jakeowen Case of the Mondays... 😎 http://t.co/NtmrkqcHMc

Martina Mcbride


@GerryHouse1 hahaha that's hilarious!

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  • Martina Mcbride @martinamcbride This is so cool! Look to the Stars http://t.co/KwriRlbF78 … via @looktothestars
  • Martina Mcbride @martinamcbride In a bookstore. Any recommendations?
  • Martina Mcbride @martinamcbride @WomanistaStyle @HuskNashville Let me know how it goes! I wanna go so bad!
  • Martina Mcbride @martinamcbride @benkann homemade!
  • Martina Mcbride @martinamcbride Everybody be safe at LP Field!!!



Hey Milwaukee my #GreatestHits tour is coming to you on June 18th & 19th. There's still time to get ur tix and VIP E… http://t.co/qV5fwoHzEc

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  • Jewel @jeweljk We all love ya "@stevepoltz: Thanks to all the nice @jeweljk fans on this last tour. You guys were fantastic and super sweet to me. xo"
  • Jewel @jeweljk Honor was mine “@realtracibaker: Phoenix concerts review: Jewel proves ‘only kindness matters’ http://t.co/ylaDICpcCW via @examinercom”
  • Jewel @jeweljk Love my EDA's! “@ChrisBokros: Finally found a frame for my @jeweljk poster!! Thanks again for signing it, Jewel!! :) http://t.co/UyM5Tz4C9T”
  • Jewel @jeweljk So glad u came :) “@CharlieGreen999: @jeweljk U were #PHENOMENAL last night in Phoenix Az. Brought tears of joy to our eyes, so mucH #FUNN”
  • Jewel @jeweljk @Mo_McA13 your predilection pic is so pretty! Go get some rest- u deserve it!

Faith Hill


Be sure to watch the 2013 CMT Music Awards TONIGHT at 8PM EST on @CMT!

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  • Faith Hill @FaithHill Whoa! Faith is only 157 "likes" away from 1 MILLION followers on Facebook! Pls follow- let's get to 1 million! http://t.co/sHikeT1bJx
  • Faith Hill @FaithHill Don't forget! Vote for #AmericanHeart as "Female Video Of The Year" at the CMT Awards here: http://t.co/NChCYShvZI (RT!)
  • Faith Hill @FaithHill Today is your last chance to vote for Faith! VOTE HERE: http://t.co/NChCYShvZI (RT!)
  • Faith Hill @FaithHill Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to VOTE for #AmericanHeart at the CMT Music Awards! VOTE HERE: http://t.co/NChCYShvZI (RT!)
  • Faith Hill @FaithHill #throwbackthursday 10 years old in Mississippi!! #tbt http://t.co/fYdqwaJigl

Michelle Branch


@jrau13 ha!!!!!! #Goons

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  • Michelle Branch @michellebranch I finally got to watch the last episode of #GameofThrones that I missed. WTF?! 😭😭😭Nooooooo!
  • Michelle Branch @michellebranch @Wildaboutmusic :) xx
  • Michelle Branch @michellebranch I'm bummed I missed Leave the Pieces being performed on @NBCTheVoice tonight! I was moving today and have no TV :( How was it?! #TeamBlake
  • Michelle Branch @michellebranch @AleciaSpendlove I literally haven't checked it in WEEKS & I haven't even logged in to look at her report card yet, ha! Thanks for sharing!
  • Michelle Branch @michellebranch Parents- this is ME! Haha! “@AleciaSpendlove: Can anyone relate? http://t.co/y0UtDrL26B”

Trace Adkins


Don't miss @TraceAdkins & @ColbieCaillat's duet of “Watch The World End” TOMORROW on @jayleno at 11:35/10:35c on @nbc!

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  • Trace Adkins @TraceAdkins Don't miss @TraceAdkins & @ColbieCaillat's duet of “Watch The World End” TONIGHT on @JayLeno at 11:35/10:35c on @NBC!
  • Trace Adkins @TraceAdkins news: TRACE ADKINS IN PEOPLE MAGAZINE!: When you’re at the supermarket this week, make sure to pick up a copy ... http://t.co/CdcPGhYOo4
  • Trace Adkins @TraceAdkins Watch @TraceAdkins & @ColbieCaillat's first TV performance of “Watch The World End” on @JayLeno tomorrow night at 11:35/10:35c on @NBC!
  • Trace Adkins @TraceAdkins news: TRACE ADKINS & COLBIE CAILLAT TO PERFORM DUET ON THE TONIGHT SHOW JUNE 12TH: (June 11, 2013 – Nashville... http://t.co/5gfXBQWtbQ
  • Trace Adkins @TraceAdkins Cover of next years Sexy Fireman Calendar! http://t.co/7U5I54Qyiu

Joe Nichols


@cunepena Thanks for FRAN today! Now, I go lie down and die. #crossfit #PrayersPlease

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  • Joe Nichols @JoeNichols “@stew248: @randytravis @JoeNichols I thought "Tonight I'm Playing Possum" was supposed 2 B on @iTunesMusic”not sure. Glad u like it tho
  • Joe Nichols @JoeNichols “@rachellynnphoto: @JoeNichols Greatest Proposal Ever! :-) http://t.co/HGXCM3r8CA”agreed. "Possums & squirels".. And my WTF face = WTF?
  • Joe Nichols @JoeNichols “@listenerdriven: Which @JoeNichols song should play next on K92.3? Vote @ http://t.co/gdzuSzvvYW #np”the newbee?? Summy & sebumdy fie
  • Joe Nichols @JoeNichols “@Country1025WKLB: NEW music this week @leebrice @kennychesney @davidnail @JoeNichols Sunny&75” YES!!
  • Joe Nichols @JoeNichols “@RKO_4_LIFE: @JoeNichols hey Joe! How bout a birthday tweet from you?”happy birthday!

Gary Allan


Gary talks about the 2013 Fan Club Party on The @General_Jackson : http://t.co/eyJW4djqnq

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  • Gary Allan @GaryAllan Fun Night! Thank you fans!! #TeamGA http://t.co/2e3hGEN6pH
  • Gary Allan @GaryAllan Soundcheck for tonight's show at LP Field. #cmafest http://t.co/02rg1X2C69
  • Gary Allan @GaryAllan We're having a blast hanging out with our friends #b93bash !! #TeamGA http://t.co/aZcRRzpSZZ
  • Gary Allan @GaryAllan ♫ Today: Martin, MI - Jun 8 at US 131 Motorsports Park http://t.co/bNICcLAqIe
  • Gary Allan @GaryAllan Headed to the #b93bash tomorrow & back to #CMAFest Sunday.Don't miss @SXMTheHighway 8pmET tonight! Its a fun filled weekend!
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