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Paris Hilton


Just finished voice lessons with @1RachelRiggs. Love her, such a sweetheart and great teacher. #I❤Music

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  • Paris Hilton @ParisHilton I love my new shop at parisgallery in #Doha's Ezdan Mall! My phpurses rock #Qatar! YES! http://t.co/SgQVMzADHl
  • Paris Hilton @ParisHilton @DollarThePuppy meets Boo. 🐺🐾🐶 https://t.co/DhIV0J8UPL
  • Paris Hilton @ParisHilton Just went and saw @TheInternship with @RiverViiperi. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are so hilarious together. Love all their movies. ☺
  • Paris Hilton @ParisHilton Hide & seek with @DollarThePuppy & Vegas. 🐺❤🐾 https://t.co/AXqeTpqZ5y
  • Paris Hilton @ParisHilton 11:11 - Make a Wish... #DreamsComeTrue #BelieveinYourDreams

Lance Armstrong


@Andylanger @brian_mansfield hey guys, greetings from Hawaii. This news made a good day even better. All my best.

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  • Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong @ad_I_am whew, at least he didn't call me an asshole.
  • Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong I'd definitely like to drop a few pounds but i've had enough of these bullshit garcinia extract spam tweets.
  • Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong @KenBobPryde well said mate.
  • Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong @EricGregg300 @RedHourBen don't remind him!
  • Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong Dear @ATT - please turn the mobile phone service back on here in Hawaii. Thanks, Lance

Perez Hilton


@mark_mcgrath Thank YOU! 👍

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  • Perez Hilton @PerezHilton I'm coming out as bi! I'm doing this every other week! Ha RT Vegetarian Celebrities http://t.co/sums8V2TY0
  • Perez Hilton @PerezHilton @Marvel Chris Hemsworth Goes From The Cyber World & Into Our Dreams By Looking Sexalicious On Set! http://t.co/oTzjbVgL5H
  • Perez Hilton @PerezHilton @BravoAndy Taylor Armstrong Wears Her Bootyful Birthday Bikini With Her Beau http://t.co/Kcp16GJp0V
  • Perez Hilton @PerezHilton @TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong Wears Her Bootyful Birthday Bikini With Her Beau http://t.co/Kcp16GJp0V
  • Perez Hilton @PerezHilton @WendyWilliams On @KimKardashian And @kanyewest: 'She's Going To Be A Single Mom!' http://t.co/yhXAZKuWM6

Ellen Degeneres


What happened to the overturned fruit truck? It caused a big traffic jam. #ClassicJokeTuesday

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  • Ellen Degeneres @TheEllenShow .@Bethenny's talk show starts this fall! I had a special toast for her, and a special guest to bring it out. http://t.co/q68m1ZvjWm
  • Ellen Degeneres @TheEllenShow It was a great year, my friend. RT @Bethenny Be sure to DVR and tune in to @TheEllenShow today! Ellen is the best! I'm beyond grateful.
  • Ellen Degeneres @TheEllenShow Apple is coming out with a new iOS. They also have a new Mac Pro. I hope he can come over and show me how to use my phone.
  • Ellen Degeneres @TheEllenShow Welcome to Twitter, @HillaryClinton! Maybe now I won't have to text you so much.
  • Ellen Degeneres @TheEllenShow .@ActuallyNPH was amazing on the #TonyAwards. They should've just given him that giant Tony from the opening number then and there.

Michael Ian Black


@catscarlett @shelbyfero Heh heh. Yeah right.

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  • Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack @catscarlett @shelbyfero Heh. Heh. I could be, know what I mean, ladies?
  • Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack @shelbyfero @catscarlett Hey girls, my name's Mike!
  • Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack If you're happy and you know it you're drunk.
  • Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack My wife is a lot more understanding about this guy Snowden's motives than she was about mine when I read her diary.
  • Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack I am now fully committed to never getting out of bed again.

Wil Wheaton


I am having so much fun playing Fortune and Glory! I've only messed up at least one rule on every turn!

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  • Wil Wheaton @wilw You guys are hilarious.
  • Wil Wheaton @wilw Hey, has anyone recently heard of a really easy way to lose weight and gain energy? Asking for a friend.
  • Wil Wheaton @wilw About to shoot our epic two part episode of Fortune and Glory for #Tabletop http://t.co/omMmrlguPj
  • Wil Wheaton @wilw My Tabletop crew is amazing. https://t.co/ocBgUDKHfu
  • Wil Wheaton @wilw My Tabletop crew is amazing. https://t.co/7D6J3Q3sWI

Russell Simmons


Yoga or God consciousnesses comes when the mind is still

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  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Serve God, do good karmic work, let go of all neediness and the mind will settle.
  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Practice loving everything and everybody all the time, but only hang in places and with people who lift you up.
  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Happiness comes from making others happy, just as money comes from making others money. Give what u want to receive
  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Your thoughts should never stray from doing your job with a smile
  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Zero in on what's in front of you right now and then stay in that zone.

LeVar Burton


Chatting with @latimes join us #LIVE... #bydhttmwfi http://t.co/txsbkUoBhj

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  • LeVar Burton @levarburton Having seen it twice, I am conflicted! RT @eoinfoleydublin: @levarburton what did you think of The new Star Trek film?
  • LeVar Burton @levarburton Fly… is the answer in the song! What’s yours? RT @tonythemighty: @levarburton @CharlesdeCharle hmmm...do you know the right answer Levar?
  • LeVar Burton @levarburton See or “go”, your choice! #bydhttmwfi MT @CharlesdeCharle: @levarburton G'morning! Butterflies are in the sky and I can see twice as high!
  • LeVar Burton @levarburton @mitrebox @bdomenech @MelissaTweets I’m pretty sure he has no comment!
  • LeVar Burton @levarburton Good Morning, Y’all…

Sean P. Diddy Combs


RT @djkhaled Check out @iamdiddy in the latest @thelonelyisland video "GO KINDERGARTEN"-> http://t.co/9GERUmWZq2 … LOL

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  • Sean P. Diddy Combs @iamdiddy ATTN! Everyone check out the @Aquahydrate Summer Mix Series feat. @ana_sia! Listen here -> http://t.co/tIseL1ZUwh
  • Sean P. Diddy Combs @iamdiddy HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?? --> http://t.co/9GERUmWZq2
  • Sean P. Diddy Combs @iamdiddy RT @Jeremih: s/o @TheYBF for premiering my new joint "R.I.P" check it out here --> http://t.co/jm4WBhNoks
  • Sean P. Diddy Combs @iamdiddy Chillin by the pool with my Moms listening to 70s classics #Godisgreat :) http://t.co/t4EqDIvQc1
  • Sean P. Diddy Combs @iamdiddy Life is to short loosen up man! Haaaaaa 4real

Soleil Moon Frye


Yes. @wilw. I have five hundred weight loss e-mails in my @replies what is that all about?

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  • Soleil Moon Frye @moonfrye My childhood before my eyes. Me and Mark-Paul Gosselaar this morning! Too cute http://t.co/vThBf9pEIU
  • Soleil Moon Frye @moonfrye @bakersfieldnow @KBFXLIVE Thanks for having me on and supporting @RedCross and #nexcaregives
  • Soleil Moon Frye @moonfrye @MPG yep! Looking forward to it my friend!
  • Soleil Moon Frye @moonfrye @mpg ps just sent you a note. Should be arriving any minute. Yes. I'm 12.
  • Soleil Moon Frye @moonfrye @MPG I'm upstairs from you right now at my Red Cross SMT. Lots of people wanting you to stop by for a visit!

Pete Wentz


@danlevy you got it.

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  • Pete Wentz @petewentz Illuminate 👀
  • Pete Wentz @petewentz On the voice on NBC tonight... http://t.co/Fg1Ovknm1n
  • Pete Wentz @petewentz you ever think: man the shit I'm doing now is so much cooler than the shit i was doing a year ago? just imagine a year from now.
  • Pete Wentz @petewentz Everyone is mine to torment.
  • Pete Wentz @petewentz Dang the coffee game at The Voice goes hard- they have a Starbucks under the stage 😳.

Kim Kardashian


Bible, love these pics! http://t.co/IHkjY3aixy

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Tom Cruise


Sometimes between family & movies & its '-Tom' when he does! -TeamTC @anayperez98 does Tom ever tweet?

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  • Tom Cruise @TomCruise TeamTC welcomes @anarita_tc to our @TomCruise super fan list! https://t.co/LzZ4wBDUAN
  • Tom Cruise @TomCruise @JackReacher is giving away 1 Blu-ray a day signed by @TomCruise for #FathersDay all this week! Send them ur best #DadRules! (18+,US only)
  • Tom Cruise @TomCruise @mimis2 Congratulations! U were the 1st to mention "8" - CORRECT! We're sending you a Tom Cruise autographed @JackReacher Blu-Ray! -TeamTC
  • Tom Cruise @TomCruise PT3 First guesses, only! ;) -TeamTC
  • Tom Cruise @TomCruise PT2 The 1st person 2tell us how many Chevelle's Tom thrashed while filming the #JackReacher chase scene wins a TC signed Blu-Ray #XboxBluRay

Fred Durst


@hotdiggedydemon hahahaha

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  • Fred Durst @freddurst loverhands's photo http://t.co/JIsGfPwVAd - I loved this concert! The audience as incredible!!
  • Fred Durst @freddurst http://t.co/Ul3rEnCofu - look closely who's in the front row at the barricade !! LB's biggest fan!
  • Fred Durst @freddurst The original Hanky Panky schiffmacherveldhoentattooing - what a brilliant day in Amsterdam !! http://t.co/A7851gjkQM
  • Fred Durst @freddurst Photo: Three Dolla Bill Y’all - custom tattoo by @schiffmacherveldhoentattooing - what an honor http://t.co/92i7dtonpe
  • Fred Durst @freddurst Three Dolla Bill Y'all - custom tattoo by schiffmacherveldhoentattooing - what an honor http://t.co/H2pMm0O9pg

Jimmy Fallon


Great show tonight!! @SethRogen, @JeffreyTambor, music from @TheLumineers. #LateNight #LNJF

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  • Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon Play a video game with your Mom and YouTube it. Could be on the show! #gamingwithmymom #videogameweek http://t.co/oiz81FIjCa
  • Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon “@RowlWithKelly: @KELLYROWLAND just gave one of the best if not her best performances vocally EVER on @jimmyfallon” agreed. She’s great.
  • Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon Obama just met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Obama asked China to stop spying on America. Then Jinping said, “You first.” #fallonmono
  • Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon Jamie King teaches me & Russell Crowe how to dance like Michael Jackson. Tonight on #LateNight. http://t.co/XmU6ipAvEd
  • Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon Future hat head courtesy of my new best friend @russellcrowe. #ManofSteel http://t.co/T5bOp70UMB

50 cent


Check out my boxing birthday bash July 5th#smsaudio http://t.co/jAUoCcOiPo"

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  • 50 cent @50cent Friday Night Fights July 5th In Connecticut @espn – Buy Tickets Today! http://t.co/o4sHN1mpiX""
  • 50 cent @50cent Connecticut convention center july 5th ESPN Friday night fights for tickets call 203 627 7472.. http://t.co/mQ6IeaJXCe"
  • 50 cent @50cent No ok"@BleachedBeyonce: @50cent I'm your little slut"
  • 50 cent @50cent No your with jay z ok"@BleachedBeyonce: @50cent fuck me hard"
  • 50 cent @50cent Ok"@Eriin8: @50cent fuck me silly"

Kevin Smith


SAN FRANCISCO! BAY AREA! Come get SUPER GROOVY with me and @JayMewes at the @thewarfield on JUNE 22! https://t.co/pGwYU8NfzY

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  • Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith I'm gonna kneel before Zod tonight when I get to see MAN OF STEEL! And tomorrow's SMODCAST will be devoted to the new Superman flick.
  • Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith Huge congrats to my man @strombo, who's finally bringing a bit of Canadian class to @CNN with his new show! http://t.co/Zfmw9eaAgv
  • Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith Over at @Geekosystem, you can read all about how I got to spend a day with @GlenTickle! http://t.co/367aymk8gd #GlenTickleRises
  • Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith You dig @TellEmSteveDave's BRYAN JOHNSON? Then come ask him the most important question you'll ever query: WHY, BRY?! http://t.co/k8D6HULBLM
  • Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith Amazingly detailed Bluntman & Chronic balloons jaymewes & I got as gifts at the Super Groovy show in… http://t.co/Qwinl3s4k9

Rainn Wilson


Everybody talks about how there's 7 billion people on earth, but no one talks about how there's 14 billion butt cheeks!

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  • Rainn Wilson @rainnwilson RT @JohnBonini Cersei shows Peggy to her new corner office while plotting to get her fired. #madthrones
  • Rainn Wilson @rainnwilson This perfect video perfectly expresses men and women and relationships. http://t.co/2bPaJoBI2k
  • Rainn Wilson @rainnwilson Create your own #madthrones mash-ups! It's fun!
  • Rainn Wilson @rainnwilson Mad Men/Game of Thrones mash-up: Don becomes Hand of the King. Renames Kings Landing, Absolut Landing. #MadThrones
  • Rainn Wilson @rainnwilson Asian Forrest Gump on his way to Canada http://t.co/Er8RH4d1av

Paula Abdul


What one thing WILL you do TODAY, what one brick can you secure, to build your dreams? xoP

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  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul @officialrise24 No preaching, DOING!! Lol. :) xoP
  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul The past is only part of your life's clay. The color, the texture, the shape, the use - YOU fashion what it will become. xoP
  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow” @theRealKiyosaki (TODAY is yours - own it! xoP)
  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul Sending a big hug to @ShopCosabella celebrating their 30th anniversary :) I LOVE their lingerie!! xoP #Cosabella30
  • Paula Abdul @PaulaAbdul Encourage & Inspire - write #LoveNotes - be sure to include yourself! Dear Self, You're beautiful and I love you. xoP

Martha Stewart


Call me NOW! I am LIVE with Marlo Thomas - yes, That Girl! We are looking forward to talking to you so call us RIGHT NOW - 866 675-6675

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  • Martha Stewart @MarthaStewart That Girl, Marlo Thomas joins me LIVE on my SiriusXM show today @12PM & we'd love to talk to you so call us @ 866 675-6675
  • Martha Stewart @MarthaStewart Call & talk to me & my special guest That Girl Marlo Thomas on my SiriusXM106 show today @ 12PM EST-Ask abt her amazing career! 866 675-6675
  • Martha Stewart @MarthaStewart check out #the daily wag to learn about a fabulous blue heron rookery near my farm in bedford
  • Martha Stewart @MarthaStewart Manny the Frenchie please visit my frenchies on @the daily wag. Francesca and Sharkey indist
  • Martha Stewart @MarthaStewart Did my question about LG get to you?
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