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Summer Oakes


@JRDengo it's a cute one :)

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  • Summer Oakes @sroakes @Canclimb in the context of the #SROConvo it's having a family/taking care of children. It could be a want, but it also could be a need.
  • Summer Oakes @sroakes Americans eat ~30 lbs of lettuce every year. That’s about 5x more than what we ate in the early 1900s. #food http://t.co/tYtTm7mZqF
  • Summer Oakes @sroakes Eating about 20 tart cherries a day could reduce inflammatory pain and headache pain. #food Like that @cheribundi http://t.co/tYtTm7mZqF
  • Summer Oakes @sroakes Org for Economic Coop/Dev shows 15-year olds in U.S. placed 25 out of 30 countries in math performance & 21st in science. #Hope #education
  • Summer Oakes @sroakes Americans today consume 17.3BN qts of popped popcorn each year! The average American eats about 68 qts! #food http://t.co/tYtTm7mZqF

Tree Hugger


Direct current stations could charge Chevy Spark EV to 80% in 20 minutes http://t.co/znlFyVjbnW

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  • Tree Hugger @TreeHugger Slide Show: Take a tour of Mongolia's first wind farm http://t.co/ekPxus8i1m #WED2013
  • Tree Hugger @TreeHugger This aquaponic planter is solar-powered, DIY and sized for apartment dwellers: http://t.co/IdsyvXw2aX
  • Tree Hugger @TreeHugger WWF Together iPad app wins 2013 Apple Design Award at WWDC conference http://t.co/UyAecbl9cI
  • Tree Hugger @TreeHugger The US added 723 megawatts of solar power during the first 3 months of 2013 http://t.co/iMvlVpVp5H
  • Tree Hugger @TreeHugger Dog virus found attacking Indonesian tigers, making them lose their fear of people http://t.co/8x3dh0vHje



Environmental activists crash #Facebook's shareholder meeting http://t.co/gasHm6FWrf

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  • enviroknow @Envirowire More #GMO #wheat means stronger, more harmful pesticides http://t.co/NqiEGE8KFo
  • enviroknow @Envirowire Sierra Club sues over coal dust from uncovered trains in Columbia River gorge http://t.co/oxKUu1FVgQ via @slearn1 #coalexport
  • enviroknow @Envirowire Climate change causing US wildfire season to last longer, Congress told http://t.co/FhgIMfG5nj via @suzyji
  • enviroknow @Envirowire Connecticut becomes first state to pass labeling laws for all genetically modified foods http://t.co/PNGw58jKZo #GMO
  • enviroknow @Envirowire Exploding Trains, Explained http://t.co/T1mNmozfWZ via @kate_sheppard

Farm Sanctuary


President @genebaur on the progress of the vegan movement: http://t.co/JW5VhAFKtY

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  • Farm Sanctuary @FarmSanctuary Massachusetts! Speak up for farm animals tomorrow: https://t.co/iga4Ib1oLG
  • Farm Sanctuary @FarmSanctuary Listen tomorrow to @REALWORLDWIDE and hear @genebaur at 4:30 EST talk about food issues: http://t.co/HmNzRfW2au
  • Farm Sanctuary @FarmSanctuary Jimmy takes it easy. http://t.co/xTuaraQnjj
  • Farm Sanctuary @FarmSanctuary We love all our hardworking caregivers like Alex. So does Johnny! http://t.co/TwPtJ1tp0B
  • Farm Sanctuary @FarmSanctuary @ratgrrlpig Amazing, Carol! Congrats, and thank you for helping Clarence :)



well done, trent...amazing how many people think this is real. kudos. http://t.co/Bs4uN1EvPT @trent_reznor

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  • Moby @thelittleidiot really really looking forward to friday in chicago at spring awakening. see you soon, @SpringAwakeFest
  • Moby @thelittleidiot "Yes, I do think you should be our next president." hillaryclinton #hillaryforpresident http://t.co/1EiLQ3kdIe
  • Moby @thelittleidiot one of my favorite pieces of music, by howard devoto and magazine, from my relative youth..http://t.co/gII65nqgCd
  • Moby @thelittleidiot Republicans in North Carolina to punish drivers of hybrids and electric cars..http://t.co/FEvsyUKY5G via @sharethis
  • Moby @thelittleidiot Dirty, dirty city. http://t.co/Fyvikac5xN

Fredrick (Vayu)


Natural Remedies to Heal your Thyroid. - Do you regularly experience fatigue, muscle aches and a general feeling o... http://t.co/TgZPHeaWVM

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  • Fredrick (Vayu) @namaste_vayo Six Ways the Buddha Helps Us Cope with the Blues. ~ Toni Bernhard http://t.co/xJ1BsdV6Xn
  • Fredrick (Vayu) @namaste_vayo The Sometimes Serious World of Yoga Gets Balanced with Humor. ~ Leo Peppas http://t.co/PubTES8IwY
  • Fredrick (Vayu) @namaste_vayo Dear Dad. Love, a Child of a Messy Divorce. ~ Catherine Beekmans http://t.co/Nyjl9CtC5J
  • Fredrick (Vayu) @namaste_vayo 5 Ways to Tell You’re Growing as an Individual (in Your Relationship). http://t.co/PxaRfE04YT
  • Fredrick (Vayu) @namaste_vayo Under the Sea with Jacque Cousteau. ~ Stephen Whitmore - Jacque Cousteau would have turned 103 years old today an... http://t.co/QoFKUh3BpM

Russell Simmons


Yoga or God consciousnesses comes when the mind is still

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  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Serve God, do good karmic work, let go of all neediness and the mind will settle.
  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Practice loving everything and everybody all the time, but only hang in places and with people who lift you up.
  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Happiness comes from making others happy, just as money comes from making others money. Give what u want to receive
  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Your thoughts should never stray from doing your job with a smile
  • Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH Zero in on what's in front of you right now and then stay in that zone.

Planet Green


Captive chimps may get #endangeredspecies status in U.S. http://t.co/ONr6JC1bAq

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  • Planet Green @PlanetGreen 1913 ghost ship found in Lake Superior http://t.co/jDHj3pGYga
  • Planet Green @PlanetGreen @AnikaThen Glad you like it!!
  • Planet Green @PlanetGreen How to raise a healthy kid on a vegetarian diet http://t.co/w8rBe8jIL4
  • Planet Green @PlanetGreen RoboRoach http://t.co/BAq7QM4lvc Find out why this #kickstarter project wants you to create your own cyborg cockroach
  • Planet Green @PlanetGreen Dark matter of life http://t.co/JsSlAQ778M Mysterious bacteria is sequenced

Sierra Magazine


PHOTOS: Earth's Weirdest Landscapes http://t.co/KLnuRBavnw

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  • Sierra Magazine @Sierra_Magazine How tricycles will save the world: http://t.co/yFoJSmduaY
  • Sierra Magazine @Sierra_Magazine Tips From the Pros: Top 4 Climbing Exercises: A professional trainer shows you how to rule the rock wall. http://t.co/0rQgqcMRVF
  • Sierra Magazine @Sierra_Magazine Eco-Appetizers: 5 mouthwatering ways to dress up a cracker. http://t.co/qbrGBSgqWY
  • Sierra Magazine @Sierra_Magazine Tips from the Pros: Top 4 Paddling Exercises: An Olympic favorite shows you how to go for the gold. http://t.co/zbx8pHD4EX
  • Sierra Magazine @Sierra_Magazine Surprisingly Green: By-Products in Pet Food: A new study examines dog chow. http://t.co/N8SucXPwnL



Stunning Life-Sized Photos Capture Close Encounters With Whales: http://t.co/gdThfXq62S via @wired

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Andy Revkin


@ClimateMind Here's the reference on imposing climate worry: http://t.co/cIsa7Fe2UL #2013cmb

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  • Andy Revkin @Revkin mt @PaulHawken major peer-reviewed announcement of GMO study showing significant health impact from GM corn & soy tomorrow. @mark_lynas
  • Andy Revkin @Revkin Cell Phone Population Spike Catching up With Humans http://t.co/3eH0u972xf #knowosphere #singularity
  • Andy Revkin @Revkin Great to see long-term commitment: Bloomberg to Propose Spending Billions to Reduce Storm Risk http://t.co/SNYSdToBWF @BloombergNews
  • Andy Revkin @Revkin There Will be Oil: US now energy rich, still guided by policies that assume opposite.@JasonBordoff http://t.co/E4Z6ZZgodx @DemJournal
  • Andy Revkin @Revkin Atmosphere as "children's trust." @gmstorres at @GarrisonInst mtg. on diversity and sustainability. #2013cmb http://t.co/LJ9e7Y5Pa7 @OCTorg

Green Festiva


@gmofreeidaho founder Leslie Stoddard interviews @nongmoreport editor, Ken Roseboro at #Chicago #GreenFest: http://t.co/hwZcDAuCMa #nonGMO

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  • Green Festiva @GreenFestival How much will driving on electricity save you in your state? Find out with @ENERGY Dep of Energy’s eGallon: http://t.co/Fbb4RXDpI2
  • Green Festiva @GreenFestival We love our coconut oil, from skincare to cooking aid! http://t.co/3mbW4vK3gc @elephantjournal
  • Green Festiva @GreenFestival What 20 Minutes Of Yoga Does For Your Brain http://t.co/XvhJxXHJ2h via @HealthyLiving
  • Green Festiva @GreenFestival Expand your #greenbiz at #Greenfest #DC, #LA, #SF this Fall. Best booth discounts until June 30! http://t.co/Ffoqv9jsRV
  • Green Festiva @GreenFestival @mljevent thanks for the great suggestions - we love our tasty #organic foods

Joshua Katcher


"Covert" in Noir. #bravegentleman Italian three-piece #suit made with French heritage-milled… http://t.co/gYQavzuzXe

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  • Joshua Katcher @DiscerningBrute Haikure, Ghosts, Superheroes & Phoney Baloney http://t.co/nf9p30vwzJ
  • Joshua Katcher @DiscerningBrute http://t.co/NO6rxUmAph Menswear @haikure , Ghosts, @GhostsMovie, @MattMinerXVX #vegan #Superheroes & @phoneybaloneys Phoney Baloney
  • Joshua Katcher @DiscerningBrute @MattMinerXVX oh yeah! Very cool. I'm stoked about your new comic book #liberatorcomic. Putting it on the blog today. :)
  • Joshua Katcher @DiscerningBrute @GuilDiego @RealVeganCheese thanks!
  • Joshua Katcher @DiscerningBrute #Russia is trying to shut down all #gay rights organisations - big trial on Tuesday. Take action now: https://t.co/lQy8YycyaS



The Smarty Pants Daily is out! http://t.co/qSxxcDrDXD ▸ Top stories today via @MicrobeWorld

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  • GreenBeans @GoGreenBeans The Green Mamas Daily is out! http://t.co/dgg3I2bunS ▸ Top stories today via @LittleGreenBlog
  • GreenBeans @GoGreenBeans Tweets for Good is out! http://t.co/Swd9B6pepb
  • GreenBeans @GoGreenBeans The Eco-Geeks Daily is out! http://t.co/hsE8ci8rtb ▸ Top stories today via @GreenLiberation @kate_sheppard @yeahtips
  • GreenBeans @GoGreenBeans The Orgasmic Organics Daily is out! http://t.co/IPyLCX50qK ▸ Top stories today via @freerangestudio
  • GreenBeans @GoGreenBeans The Bees Knees Buzz is out! http://t.co/vu9CAu4IB2 ▸ Top stories today via @BeeFriendlySD



In Focus: Current Alternative Energy Tax Breaks http://t.co/2RslCqD99v

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Chloe Jo Berman


Props @tiamowry for promoting #vegan #mothering in a very beautiful way! Lots of vegan mothering goodness on http://t.co/vnWPDUfcrt :)

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  • Chloe Jo Berman @GirlieGirlArmy Cooked a pot of millet or quinoa for dinner? Use leftovers to toss over a salad or into oatmeal the next day to add YUM + protein & aminos.
  • Chloe Jo Berman @GirlieGirlArmy @DrJennBerman @Joan_Rivers Too bad she wears more fur than anyone in Hollywood. :(
  • Chloe Jo Berman @GirlieGirlArmy "Any art worth its name requires you to be fundamentally lost for a very long time." Junot Diaz
  • Chloe Jo Berman @GirlieGirlArmy Vaute Couture Sample Sale! Adorable #organic summer dresses! http://t.co/cgzpZ09q1F @vautecouture #vegan #sustainable #fashion #samplesale
  • Chloe Jo Berman @GirlieGirlArmy “Art Is Not a Mirror to Reflect Reality, but a Hammer to Shape It” Brecht #pussyriot

Elaine Hsieh


Interesting @DowJones infographic comparing #cleantech media buzz vs. actual VC-backed deals: http://t.co/1CLpWZgaoY

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  • Elaine Hsieh @elaineishere Cool event. RT @makower Steak-holder relations: Hack/Meat hackathon to look at "the future of meat" http://t.co/RERHPx74O8 #hackmeat
  • Elaine Hsieh @elaineishere @fairsnape Awesome. Steve's work is quite inspiring & we have really enjoyed coordinating with him for Convergence Paris. @2degreesnetwork
  • Elaine Hsieh @elaineishere Nice tribute to outgoing @FERC Chair @jbwellinghoff, who truly elevated the value of dynamic pricing for the industry http://t.co/gSGOySaLVV
  • Elaine Hsieh @elaineishere Thx to @2degreesnetwork for publishing my interview with the man accelerating #greenbuilding across Europe: http://t.co/qlSSF68YaP #VERGECon
  • Elaine Hsieh @elaineishere Great reference. RT @HarvardBiz Seven Questions to Ask Your Data Geeks http://t.co/3Q53V6Mwc7 #bigdata

Al Gore


About to start a live Google+ Hangout to discuss the climate crisis and its solutions. You can watch here: http://t.co/L4T7OaLwws

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  • Al Gore @algore T-minus 15 minutes until my live Google+ Hangout with @JeffSkoll to discuss the climate crisis. Watch here: http://t.co/q6OxI2Bh9m
  • Al Gore @algore Check out my @Flipboard magazine of some of the most interesting stories I read last week: http://t.co/uDCdPbTAAP
  • Al Gore @algore I'm hosting a live Google+ Hangout tmrw at 2pm ET to discuss the climate crisis. Join the conversation: http://t.co/h8Y5hQUtLt
  • Al Gore @algore "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together." To solve the climate crisis, we have to go far. Quickly.
  • Al Gore @algore How can we solve the climate crisis? Join @JeffSkoll and me as we discuss tomorrow at 2PM ET. Join in:http://t.co/h8Y5hQUtLt

Friends of the Earth


@sjmcoppola @CarbonGold @TheWonderbag @ingridsrinath @ellehoppy @RatnoBudi1 @Ben1204 @oppie83 (and 14 others) - Cheers for the RTs

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  • Friends of the Earth @wwwfoecouk Are we on the brink of a sustainable energy revolution? Tickets are going fast for #Ashden13 conference on 19 June http://t.co/8o7PBkhmgo
  • Friends of the Earth @wwwfoecouk How can we be sure that children have not mined the metals that go into our phones? http://t.co/YNo6fgbp7O #Apple @SamsungUK #MakeItBetter
  • Friends of the Earth @wwwfoecouk @Run_Riot @charity_choice @andrewindunning @davesixtyfive44 @StLHandyMan @LivingRoutes @StockGaylard1 (and 34 others) - Cheers for the RTs
  • Friends of the Earth @wwwfoecouk Your emails helped persuade @SamsungUK to reveal its supply chains - now ask Apple to do the same http://t.co/EUvcQFYU25 #MakeItBetter
  • Friends of the Earth @wwwfoecouk @iamlaila Hi, the phone number you sent us doesn't work - is there another we could call you on? You can send details to info@foe.co.uk



3 years after devastating #oilspill, BP partially completes washing up the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico: http://t.co/La16O2nelo #SaveOurSeas

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  • Greenpeace @Greenpeace 3 million people have already helped #SaveTheArctic - that is as much as the population of Uruguay. Join them now! http://t.co/nqzUr1GFjn
  • Greenpeace @Greenpeace Did you hear the recent #fashion trends? Toxic is out, #Detox is in. http://t.co/UvpOlpW413
  • Greenpeace @Greenpeace It's time for EU to take a step further and shut coal down: http://t.co/MRQfAJqusH #EnergyRevolution
  • Greenpeace @Greenpeace Why is the investigation into Monsanto's #GMO wheat contamination taking so long? Could it be worse than we think? http://t.co/zer0hDVgd5
  • Greenpeace @Greenpeace "There's a Gezi Park in each city". @hilalatici explains the meaning of #Gezi for the people of Turkey: http://t.co/HBKivf1f8z
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