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John Cornyn


PJ Media: Cornyn on IRS: Holder Picking Spec. Counsel Like 'Fox Guarding Hen House:' http://t.co/RxhLXkt9oL

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  • John Cornyn @JohnCornyn Breitbart: Cornyn Security Amendment Could Decide Immigration Bill: http://t.co/Vn741bvUsc
  • John Cornyn @JohnCornyn I voted against and oppose the Gang of 8 bill because it fails to provide a real plan to secure our border and... http://t.co/kix9XPXdny
  • John Cornyn @JohnCornyn Because the immigration status quo is unacceptable. We must do better “@KennethKPPowell: @JohnCornyn to vote "yes" today. Why?”
  • John Cornyn @JohnCornyn VIDEO: Cornyn: Failure to Secure America is Real Poison Pill: http://t.co/0MgmB3xdDi
  • John Cornyn @JohnCornyn Let me make a suggestion... . “@APdubs: Who do I watch, @johncornyn or @BarackObama talking about #immigration reform? Tough decisions...”

Mike Bloomberg


We've got a plan. We know what needs to happen. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient and greater NYC: http://t.co/9z0e8pzPBL

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  • Mike Bloomberg @MikeBloomberg This is New York City. Nothing's ever broken our spirit or our resolve to move forward: http://t.co/9z0e8pzPBL
  • Mike Bloomberg @MikeBloomberg This is a defining challenge for our future. If anyone is up to adapting the city they love, it's New Yorkers: http://t.co/9z0e8pzPBL
  • Mike Bloomberg @MikeBloomberg NYC will also work with utility companies to analyze risks and update systems to withstand future climate disasters: http://t.co/9z0e8pzPBL
  • Mike Bloomberg @MikeBloomberg We'll work with the fuel industry & the federal gov't to make pipelines & terminals more resistant to extreme weather http://t.co/9z0e8pzPBL
  • Mike Bloomberg @MikeBloomberg Our plan calls for building a diverse network of bulkheads, levees, dunes, beach widening and tidal barriers: http://t.co/9z0e8pzPBL

Mike Huckabee


How is it "keeping me free" if they take away my freedom to do it?

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  • Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee Looking forward to joining @ralphreed @faithandfreedom this week at #RTM2013
  • Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee "The Amateur" by @Ed_Klein is now out in paperback http://t.co/qOptFHeiDJ
  • Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee Ania Joseph of Pro-Life Revolution on her organization' @justsayinapp http://t.co/YaMm4oOYEn
  • Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee .@ron_fournier on the NSA Scandal http://t.co/6bTTMnXq3c
  • Mike Huckabee @GovMikeHuckabee Christians give outoflove for God;not 4 tax benefits.If we lose a deduction,we gain more freedom to spk without govt threatening us.

Barack Obama


We can't miss this chance to fix our broken immigration system. Debate in the Senate begins today—show your support: http://t.co/eLKcXUXT9g

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  • Barack Obama @BarackObama Great progress made today: Senate overwhelmingly voted to bring #ImmigrationReform to debate. Let's fix this broken system.
  • Barack Obama @BarackObama Retweet if you agree: Smart #ImmigrationReform will benefit our economy and keep families together. Let's get it done.
  • Barack Obama @BarackObama Senate votes to move forward with #ImmigrationReform bill. Let's get this done, Congress. Do the right thing.
  • Barack Obama @BarackObama We can do better than an out-of-date immigration system. The Senate's bipartisan #ImmigrationReform bill is an important step forward.
  • Barack Obama @BarackObama Retweet if you agree that we can do better than our broken immigration system. The time for reform is now. #ImmigrationReform

Jim DeMint


Did you know the IRS was also targeting Hispanic outreach groups? This interview is eye-opening: http://t.co/PpfBZA2F4H

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  • Jim DeMint @JimDeMint The immigration bill hits the Senate this week. What does the bill do? Gives federal agencies more power. http://t.co/pb36KbBLYr
  • Jim DeMint @JimDeMint Hi everyone, I'm in London right now for a meeting with the House of Commons. http://t.co/zQ7bVWLD0J
  • Jim DeMint @JimDeMint The Internet Sales Tax will do damage to small businesses. This video interview with one business owner tells how: http://t.co/Ryd8TzgKTx
  • Jim DeMint @JimDeMint The IRS & Obamacare, by the Numbers http://t.co/EFjtCnDZyq
  • Jim DeMint @JimDeMint The Farm Bill sounds good but 80% of the cost is attributed to food stamps. That's not helping farmers. http://t.co/8zKvJXFZsh

John McCain


As a longtime Hotline devotee, I was saddened to hear of the passing of its founder, Doug Bailey. RIP. http://t.co/8YLDqp5MXL

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  • John McCain @SenJohnMcCain IG report: #GSA's conduct "not in the best interests of the US" & "undermined integrity of the procurement process" http://t.co/ruO08zAfs6
  • John McCain @SenJohnMcCain Good piece on #Syria by @doranimated: "The price of not leading" http://t.co/Kkm7HMFZoh
  • John McCain @SenJohnMcCain Welcome to Twitter @HillaryClinton!
  • John McCain @SenJohnMcCain Thanks to Tim Cook for the automatic iphone app updates! #apple #wwdc
  • John McCain @SenJohnMcCain My remarks honoring 2013 Kissinger Prize recipient the late Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist - my friend, hero & inspiration http://t.co/LTCUv2zvR7

Dana Rohrabacher


@AirshipAdmiral U sure know how to call names, too bad U don't know enough to argue a specific policy difference.

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  • Dana Rohrabacher @DanaRohrabacher @rangerfit when one holds public office people feel free to call them names & make up lies rather than arguing issues, which takes knowledge
  • Dana Rohrabacher @DanaRohrabacher @BUcrimlaw Rubio reversed & exposed himself & it ain't pretty, confirmed lie we warned about: legalization first then maybe border security
  • Dana Rohrabacher @DanaRohrabacher @3jBlank Why take chance? Global Warming used as excuse 2 increase tax & regulatory burden, like no frequent flier miles or beach fire pits
  • Dana Rohrabacher @DanaRohrabacher @sunglowind Every tweet that just repeats script it convinces me Global Warming is fraud being accepted by herd mentality.
  • Dana Rohrabacher @DanaRohrabacher @upayr Ur words clear. U excuse the intentional slaughter of innocent people because U accept the terrorist criticism of America

Mike Pence


#GovPence was in Whitestown today for the @BooneEDC Annual Meeting to talk about making #IN the state that works. http://t.co/IzJIY983R7

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  • Mike Pence @GovPenceIN Happy 3rd Anniversary @WGUIndiana! Thanks for helping 799 working adults earn their bachelor's or master's degrees.
  • Mike Pence @GovPenceIN Best wishes for safe travels and success for the Hoosiers in Omaha! RT @IUBaseballNews Headed to Omaha ... http://t.co/dZ3K5OX4OB
  • Mike Pence @GovPenceIN MT @indystar Have you read #GovPence's statement on how #IN can create jobs and bolster the economy? Check it out: http://t.co/LmqVGVfAa0
  • Mike Pence @GovPenceIN @SenDanCoats Thank you for the #bday wishes! We appreciate your service to Hoosiers in the U.S. Senate!
  • Mike Pence @GovPenceIN @SueEllspermann Thank you for the #bday wishes and for your tremendous service to the #Hoosier state!

Joe Barton


@HouseCommerce investigates allegations of #IRS seizure of 60 mill medical records http://t.co/srYPb0i1K0 #txcot #txgop #teaparty #tcot #dfw

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  • Joe Barton @RepJoeBarton Bad headlines for President's healthcare law continue to rack up http://t.co/pAp1Cw6O0R #txcot #txgop #teaparty #ObamaCare #dfw #tx
  • Joe Barton @RepJoeBarton Administration drops age limit fight on #PlanB, approving pill for women & children of all ages. #ProLife http://t.co/NXZPzmytCM #txgop
  • Joe Barton @RepJoeBarton Rep. Barton is co-sponsor of Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act.Now you can do same at http://t.co/Hu7I23UKbk!Check it out! #txcot #txgop
  • Joe Barton @RepJoeBarton If you are back in #Texas -Please RT! #Arlington police searching for car in carjacking,kidnapping http://t.co/HsuTHWTOBX #dfw #tx #txcot
  • Joe Barton @RepJoeBarton @gopconference is focused on getting Americans back to work.Check out our solutions->http://t.co/41fZdufsk7 #4jobs #txcot #txgop #dfw #texas

Cory Booker


#Gratitude! RT @ghenson330: Gave to the cause 20 bucks hope it helps. http://t.co/NRr6xnv6Ss

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  • Cory Booker @CoryBooker Thank you! RT @jamiann70: Contributed to @CoryBooker Senate campaign even though I don't live in NJ! http://t.co/3wH6JyPs44
  • Cory Booker @CoryBooker @sashimiso ugh. I'm so sorry. If u want to let us know details please send an email to info@corybooker.com thanks.
  • Cory Booker @CoryBooker Thank U! RT @JEvetteTweets: Just supported Cory's run for Senate & u can do the same! #alwaysajerseygirl https://t.co/u8lXKJG0Dw
  • Cory Booker @CoryBooker @mcbyrne Understood.
  • Cory Booker @CoryBooker Thank U! MT @JasEmmerick: 2nd contrib since official announce. It’s coming out of my bicycle fund, but worth it http://t.co/NRr6xnv6Ss

Jeff Merkley


RT @PhilAngelides Check out our @Netroots_Nation panel "Banks are Still #TBTF" w/ @SenJeffMerkley http://t.co/vMvqsfkfyM

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  • Jeff Merkley @SenJeffMerkley Thank you @SenatorReid for committing to moving #ENDA forward soon and your leadership on LGBT issues http://t.co/k5CQrlfdFq
  • Jeff Merkley @SenJeffMerkley Joined @SenMikeLee today in introing bill to end secret law. We deserve to know how our gov't is interpreting law. http://t.co/VNLY9LDU7l
  • Jeff Merkley @SenJeffMerkley NYT Ed Board endorses my efforts to end secret law and rein in the FISA Amendments Act http://t.co/it2JJ4P1Ma
  • Jeff Merkley @SenJeffMerkley NYT Ed Board: Congress Can Stop Privacy Abuse http://t.co/it2JJ4P1Ma
  • Jeff Merkley @SenJeffMerkley Getting ready for @maddow http://t.co/EVyaIuHfH7

Fred Thompson


In IRS scandal no liberal groups saying they were unfairly targeted. Unbelievable. Something liberals AREN'T claiming victim status on #tcot

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  • Fred Thompson @fredthompson Weight-loss fad: plastic patch sewn onto tongue makes it hurt when wearer tries to eat. Sorta like making Biden wear shoes w/ cleats #tcot
  • Fred Thompson @fredthompson Obama to speak at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. That's perfect, since he represents a government that can't even afford to build a wall. #tcot
  • Fred Thompson @fredthompson At congressional hearings, Eric Holder said DoJ scandals don't "distract" him. Of course not. He'd have to be paying attention first. #tcot
  • Fred Thompson @fredthompson IRS's Lerner targets Tea Partiers,gets $42K in bonuses. Well, technically it was compensation for not being allowed to keep the scalps #tcot
  • Fred Thompson @fredthompson Egyptian activists on trial for insulting nation's President. Seems excessive, but at least they didn't get audited first. #tcot



Seen on C-SPAN2: U.S. Senate limits debate on Motion to Proceed to #Immigration Bill, 82-15. http://t.co/Arux29qGc7 http://t.co/VqI5EoB0lZ

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Al Gore


About to start a live Google+ Hangout to discuss the climate crisis and its solutions. You can watch here: http://t.co/L4T7OaLwws

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  • Al Gore @algore T-minus 15 minutes until my live Google+ Hangout with @JeffSkoll to discuss the climate crisis. Watch here: http://t.co/q6OxI2Bh9m
  • Al Gore @algore Check out my @Flipboard magazine of some of the most interesting stories I read last week: http://t.co/uDCdPbTAAP
  • Al Gore @algore I'm hosting a live Google+ Hangout tmrw at 2pm ET to discuss the climate crisis. Join the conversation: http://t.co/h8Y5hQUtLt
  • Al Gore @algore "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together." To solve the climate crisis, we have to go far. Quickly.
  • Al Gore @algore How can we solve the climate crisis? Join @JeffSkoll and me as we discuss tomorrow at 2PM ET. Join in:http://t.co/h8Y5hQUtLt

Senate GOP


June @GallupNews Poll: Jobs and Economy Again Named Top Issues http://t.co/b2Bg4PFzbT

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  • Senate GOP @Senate_GOPs PHOTO: The American people deserve policies that will unleash economic growth and opportunity. http://t.co/NO1ITS1ACP #4jobs
  • Senate GOP @Senate_GOPs The #Senate is in session. Find out what's happening today: http://t.co/fmH1exfJ2E #ImmigrationReform
  • Senate GOP @Senate_GOPs “Ohio Dept. of Insurance: #ObamaCare to Increase Individual-Market Health Premiums By 88%” http://t.co/ISdgqyF3Ga #BrokenPromises
  • Senate GOP @Senate_GOPs The #Senate is in session. Find out what's happening today: http://t.co/FYMyc5p7sA #FarmBill #ImmigrationReform
  • Senate GOP @Senate_GOPs The Obama admin scandals are all about one thing: trust. http://t.co/qRkQttm9PA #CredibilityGap

Rick Perry


Emmitt scores another TD in Texas! “@EmmittSmith22: Texas is calling http://t.co/1Dv9Chkn7Z” #TxCalling #TxOpportunity

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  • Rick Perry @GovernorPerry Hey CT and NY – looking for freedom? Come to TX, we’re wide open for business! #TxCalling #TxOpportunity http://t.co/0OvabFepAs
  • Rick Perry @GovernorPerry Congrats to Coach Pat Henry as Aggie men win National Championship in track & field. Aggie Women finish strong as runner-up!
  • Rick Perry @GovernorPerry Lucy wishing Rory a Happy 4th Birthday! http://t.co/3jAeXnC9pk
  • Rick Perry @GovernorPerry Who knew… in those Verizon ads… …when the guy said, “can you hear me now”… …he was doing a mic check for the Obama Administration?
  • Rick Perry @GovernorPerry #gospursgo

Barbara Boxer


Welcome to Twitter, @HillaryClinton! I love your bio, especially the "TBD"... #tweetsfromhillary

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  • Barbara Boxer @BarbaraBoxer Today, @SenGillibrand & I introduced a bill to bring justice to victims of military sexual assault. Pls sign! http://t.co/gD8e5djfsu #MSA
  • Barbara Boxer @BarbaraBoxer I'm joining Rachel @maddow to discuss military sexual assault at 6:30 PM PDT on MSNBC. Pls RT and take action: http://t.co/4YzDk4ZYpo! #MSA
  • Barbara Boxer @BarbaraBoxer Enough! Threatening to filibuster #gunsafety is outrageous. Sign if you agree: http://t.co/nB61zLfi5e #DeserveAVote Pls RT
  • Barbara Boxer @BarbaraBoxer Enough! Threatening to filibuster #gunsafety is outrageous. Sign if you agree: http://t.co/vRYv7QycLV #DeserveAVote Pls RT
  • Barbara Boxer @BarbaraBoxer It's #EqualPayDay, but women still get paid 77 cents to a man's $1. RT to tell #Congress: Pass the #PaycheckFairness Act!

Gavin Newsom


With the future journalists of the world. These questions are tough! @fastfowardmag http://t.co/Ew6XPzLJ1b

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  • Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom Sacto joins #citizenvillechallenge & works w #codeforamerica...Cities are leading the way of citizen engagement! @steve4sac @johnmyers
  • Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom I give kudos to @ethannadelmann in @RollingStone profile on the "real drug czar." http://t.co/tbLkHzo5Ef
  • Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom War on marijuana needlessly ensnares people in criminal justice system largely along racial lines @ACLU @UncleRUSH http://t.co/nD24u72tiB
  • Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom @Mrbogey71 Thanks!
  • Gavin Newsom @GavinNewsom Being interviewed now by Quinn Bradlee! Supporting @LDorg for the great work they do. http://t.co/nU1QdcM2Nf

Claire McCaskill


Speaker must be meeting only w/ Rs“@SpeakerTimJones: Looking forward to another day in DC,mtg w/ many in #MO congressional delegation today"

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  • Claire McCaskill @clairecmc Ready for our 60s party honoring my stepson and his fiancé. http://t.co/enTgtO8f9s
  • Claire McCaskill @clairecmc @KathyAngel2 You are dead wrong. Our reforms do both. Where are you getting all of this false information.
  • Claire McCaskill @clairecmc @KathyAngel2 I can't imagine where you're getting that.I've said over and over this is ALL about prosecutions,put these cowards in prison.
  • Claire McCaskill @clairecmc Big hearing tomorrow in full Armed Servcs Comm on sexual assault in military. There will be reform. Period. Video: http://t.co/QVr6COuDjL
  • Claire McCaskill @clairecmc Missouri Farm Bureau has endorsed the immigration bill per letter to my office today.

Newt Gingrich


Hillary’s sorry state of affairs http://t.co/ebBfus8qtn

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  • Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich OH dept of insurance says #obamacare to increase individual market-health premiums by 88 percent http://t.co/uEk3e1LcIq
  • Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich What is the next surprise? http://t.co/PnWvhWIMul #scandal #whitehouse #biggovernment
  • Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich More people calling on #holder to resign. Favorite if you agree. http://t.co/A2dReIeG7n
  • Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich Dem senator joe manchin says #holder should consider resigning http://t.co/5JnR3HtZrE
  • Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich Talked with @seanhannity last night about big government and the new levels of absurdity its reached. Video: http://t.co/g2gBlUbjjJ
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