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Dwayne Derosario


@HAROL_TORONTO lol didn't realize thnx

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  • Dwayne Derosario @dwaynederosario #WCQ2014 #Colombia leads #Peru 2-0 at half & #Argentina is tied 1-1 #Ecuador 30th min
  • Dwayne Derosario @dwaynederosario 1 min in & #Ecuador gives up penalty vs #Argentina and its 1-0...
  • Dwayne Derosario @dwaynederosario #Ecuador vs #Argentina #WCQ2014 #WCQ going to be interesting...
  • Dwayne Derosario @dwaynederosario It's the #passion. If you #believe & work towards your #vision you can #achieve anything. Set #Goals… http://t.co/Nwts3JNXrP
  • Dwayne Derosario @dwaynederosario #WCQ today don't miss it. Some great games...

Taylor Twellman


Prepping for #USAvPAN with @mconnolly10 and totally got distracted with undercover work from cops here in Seattle. http://t.co/3Rzo6ttTpl

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  • Taylor Twellman @TaylorTwellman “@AlexiLalas: I'd have no problem if soccer did away with heading. Learn and evolve. http://t.co/LZxBbwsd2E” amen @ThinkTaylorORG
  • Taylor Twellman @TaylorTwellman Off to lunch and chalk talk with @IanDarkeESPN and @ussoccer. Tonight a special occasion here in Seattle for #USAvPAN #RueTheDay
  • Taylor Twellman @TaylorTwellman @sonarriley you too. Enjoyed it
  • Taylor Twellman @TaylorTwellman enjoyed another night in Seattle with @AmericanOutlaws party at @VivaGolazo with good people and gorgeous night. #USAvPAN
  • Taylor Twellman @TaylorTwellman “@JeremiahOshan: Watch out for this man, he steals babies (cc: @taylortwellman) http://t.co/NA3R3Kv2MF” she saw largest human head#lookaway

Gerardo Torrado


Estamos listos para uno de los juegos más importantes. Están preparados para ir al estadio?

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  • Gerardo Torrado @gerardotorrado6 “@yosoy8a: “@KaMo01: New friends !!#Xime #Lucciana @rejapadilla @gerardotorrado6 @yosoy8a http://t.co/vUFxy2C4lG”//Guapas??? Guapísimas!!!!
  • Gerardo Torrado @gerardotorrado6 “@el_luxurius: @gerardotorrado6 le van a chingar como a 5 jugadores a billetazos. Suerte mañana Estrella. Abrazo”/ es correcto!! Gracias!!
  • Gerardo Torrado @gerardotorrado6 “@el_luxurius: No creo que el Dortmund sobreviva el mercado de verano”/ porque coladera???
  • Gerardo Torrado @gerardotorrado6 Muchas felicidades a todas las mamás en su día, un abrazo afectuoso y todo mi reconocimiento!!!
  • Gerardo Torrado @gerardotorrado6 Con @jerryflores15 antes de salir al D.F. Gracias a todos por sus mensajes de apoyo!!!! http://t.co/jlkNS1I5HP

Alecko Eskandarian


@DiegoTorres84 Awesome.

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  • Alecko Eskandarian @alecko11 @DiegoTorres84 Legends!
  • Alecko Eskandarian @alecko11 @JohnnyBorrajo Yessir! But it's too little too late in terms of qualifying... Sucks because we actually have a legit squad.
  • Alecko Eskandarian @alecko11 So proud of my lil brother! #Armenia RT @101greatgoals And here's the goal...1-0! Yura Movsisyan (Armenia) v Denmark http://t.co/rz1dHSRSFi
  • Alecko Eskandarian @alecko11 @chelsiehightowr Uhh you can't just respond to my tweet with a text.. There's a certain etiquette to follow. Check Facebook for my response.
  • Alecko Eskandarian @alecko11 @chelsiehightowr I kinda figured that already... :(

Edson Buddle


@Fnuve no problem bro. You have very good friends

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  • Edson Buddle @EdsonBuddle Last Saturday game fit & face. #ColoradoRapids #NIKE #futbolr #MLS http://t.co/4xGrpiupqe
  • Edson Buddle @EdsonBuddle Congrats to my dads U13 Yonkers Goldentouch United Boys team. 2013 NY STATE CHAMPIONS today. #futbolrs… http://t.co/1Brrrr1Ocr
  • Edson Buddle @EdsonBuddle Just posted a photo http://t.co/YuEsmFYww3
  • Edson Buddle @EdsonBuddle Congrats to trickybeas on his 100th cap yesterday for the #USMNT. TBT futbolr #Dad #TeamNike http://t.co/q5jYUjZysR
  • Edson Buddle @EdsonBuddle Just posted a photo http://t.co/lbwK6i6uEB

Brad Guzan


Goodluck to my dudes @Rmeegs34 @finnyandrile @TWilkDaddy and @DudeProducts as they "pitch" today! #fresh @DudeWipes #boss

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  • Brad Guzan @bguzan @LewisPrice14 haha sweet man! (In the overly exaggerated American voice)
  • Brad Guzan @bguzan @longy11 at the end of the month, one more game next week
  • Brad Guzan @bguzan @SmallBarDst my boys @bhabel13 @kristho16 will be coming down for the game tonight with some friends, I hope to make it over when I'm back!
  • Brad Guzan @bguzan Morning Seattle! Can already feel the buzz around town for the game tonight! #USMNT #USAvsPAN
  • Brad Guzan @bguzan Good sushi last night in Seattle and great to see @D6MERIT @SachaKljestan @stuholden @clint_dempsey http://t.co/SusyCgdwKq

Guillermo Ochoa


@jarrmor @salazarodrigo @galettodgo @KaMo01 @labestiafutbol luego luego me copio el look!!

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  • Guillermo Ochoa @yosoy8a @SerchSports manda unas para el camino a Brasil!! Saludos
  • Guillermo Ochoa @yosoy8a @KaMo01 👶👸🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤
  • Guillermo Ochoa @yosoy8a @Tere8a @Violetita_8a Gracias !! saludos
  • Guillermo Ochoa @yosoy8a @NayibRamirey saludos goleador!! Saludame a tu familia !!
  • Guillermo Ochoa @yosoy8a “@Salvavo: @yosoy8a Memo! consígueme un autógrafo de Ravanelli no seas gacho! Saludos compa/ven por el!! o manda a tu chalán @salazarodrigo

Stu Holden


@LisaWaddington woah! Crazzzzy haha

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  • Stu Holden @stuholden Thx 2 every1 that came! “@atomicnumber3: #USMNT Pep Rally in Seattle! @DaMarcusBeasley @JoeCorona15 @stuholden http://t.co/xANHxrYL4a”
  • Stu Holden @stuholden 😱👻 “@KaralynWest: Just your casual, Sunday evening festivities... Trying to give Jim Carrey a run 4 a Mask movie? 😋 http://t.co/afrx8G02Y3”
  • Stu Holden @stuholden @brad_evans3 this is a pretty schweeet pic of the game winner tonight dude! Congrats ! http://t.co/VsIsZM2dv5
  • Stu Holden @stuholden Caught up with my #bwfc bro and Jamaican legend @ricardo_bibi_g after the game today. Great 3 pts… http://t.co/i6xyca9vpw
  • Stu Holden @stuholden @KaralynWest @WanderlustFest winner chicken dinner!!!! #kindawesome

Giuseppe Rossi


@JozyAltidore spurs in 6 bro

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  • Giuseppe Rossi @GiuseppeRossi22 @Lavila_11 hahaha the days
  • Giuseppe Rossi @GiuseppeRossi22 @kawaii_ae heyy
  • Giuseppe Rossi @GiuseppeRossi22 @GdT_SA che bello. Grazie mille
  • Giuseppe Rossi @GiuseppeRossi22 Anguilla pics part 3 - the island life should be the everyday life #whataquote #sotrue… http://t.co/vP7j3PgdKv
  • Giuseppe Rossi @GiuseppeRossi22 Anguilla pics part 2-climbing to the top and only way down was jumping #notscaredofanything #kinda http://t.co/KkZFhUFmoD

Maurice Edu


Going into surgery today guys...say a prayer for me!

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  • Maurice Edu @MauriceEdu Ladies we love you but please stop! Lmao http://t.co/vgBsScbGdx
  • Maurice Edu @MauriceEdu Tell me this don't look good! http://t.co/wZ9qA0V1Au
  • Maurice Edu @MauriceEdu “@Mon_Bee: Dinner with the fam @ariellereitsma @mauriceedu http://t.co/RbSA5iMTXo”<--good times with good people
  • Maurice Edu @MauriceEdu @JozyAltidore lmao what's good son?
  • Maurice Edu @MauriceEdu @Emily_Rogawski just gotta look

Bryan Jordan


More of a reason to see #theinternship @LIBERAL_ACTOR (#sal from the movie) tweeted me. Great bit, u saved the day in the movie man!

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  • Bryan Jordan @BJ6 i never give up on the dream 💭
  • Bryan Jordan @BJ6 Hahaha! 😂 RT @SportsDDarling: @BJ6 I use algorithms to remember my own birthday. #StruggleIsReal
  • Bryan Jordan @BJ6 @vanecr7 awww 😉
  • Bryan Jordan @BJ6 @c2daj7 never left it!
  • Bryan Jordan @BJ6 @thebeardyb 8.63 go see it. You'll surely laugh.

DaMarcus Beasley


Appreciate everyone coming to the pep rally here in Seattle! Was great to see all the fans.. Hope to 2 see all of you guys tmrw night!!

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  • DaMarcus Beasley @DaMarcusBeasley This tooth is killing me... And I'm only half way done! Lord help me...
  • DaMarcus Beasley @DaMarcusBeasley Woke up this morning feelin great! THEN I got news I have to go to the dentist n get a root canal today!!! Ruined my day, I HATE the dentist
  • DaMarcus Beasley @DaMarcusBeasley @ellabellabella Always can count on your 2 cents! Lol
  • DaMarcus Beasley @DaMarcusBeasley @tboyd91 Lmao... Straight up!
  • DaMarcus Beasley @DaMarcusBeasley This pacific time is killin me.. I'm strugglin jus to keep my eyes open past 12! Maybe it's jus old ageee! Lol

Rohan Ricketts


“@shawn_ford: @RRAcademy @RohanRicketts do you have any coaching set up for east of Toronto? For my younger brother's team.” < Inbox me mate

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  • Rohan Ricketts @RohanRicketts "@Thebarryhayles: @RohanRicketts yer bro I am cool what's bin going on" < playing in South America. New experience.
  • Rohan Ricketts @RohanRicketts @Thebarryhayles Haylesy!!! How are you big man?
  • Rohan Ricketts @RohanRicketts @Hydey_8 I would bring something completely different to them. What do you think? You still reason with them?
  • Rohan Ricketts @RohanRicketts “@Hydey_8: @RohanRicketts are the JFF aware your eligible” < I've been in good form and its an obvious option as I have been in the squad b4
  • Rohan Ricketts @RohanRicketts “@Hydey_8: @RohanRicketts are the JFF aware your eligible” < No because I've been playing in Jamaica. But a few people have suggested it.

Ryan Babel


@Ryan_Donk18 @GZuiverloon #TapOut

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  • Ryan Babel @RyanBabel Twitter : Whats happening ? Me: Miami Heat...
  • Ryan Babel @RyanBabel The Game show's of sneaker collection http://t.co/74fa7sbt4g - Via @RyanBabel
  • Ryan Babel @RyanBabel We'll be allright http://t.co/XvWgZT5t0z
  • Ryan Babel @RyanBabel @LizHernandez Lol
  • Ryan Babel @RyanBabel #Hollywood

Carles Puyol


Con @Vanesalorenzo_ en "EN Japanese brasserie".NYC. Muy recomendable http://t.co/rMoinqKKKn

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Bobby Boswell


For those who haven't seen"After Earth," I didn't like it BC it wasn't realistic.

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  • Bobby Boswell @bobbyboswell I saw "After Earth" today. Wished I had seen it "After Death." Bad joke still better than movie. Great choice @alexdixon19 @andrewdriver20
  • Bobby Boswell @bobbyboswell White guys everywhere just lost a little bit of street cred...thanks Lebron. #nbafinals
  • Bobby Boswell @bobbyboswell Lebron will be shooting the ball a lot this quarter to get his point total somewhere close to what it normally is. #nbafinals
  • Bobby Boswell @bobbyboswell Crouching tiger, hidden bulldog. Knuckles is trying to ambush a nine week old puppy. http://t.co/Ga5C6gURKC
  • Bobby Boswell @bobbyboswell Just found out the young guys have a new dream girl on twitter @kcru11. Give the lads a follow - @andrewdriver20 @anthonyarena3 #stalkers.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco


Coman frutas y verduras!

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  • Cuauhtemoc Blanco @cuauhtemocb10 También les comparto el link del blog en inglés de hoy en Terra Deportes US: http://t.co/bDluzPDNuX
  • Cuauhtemoc Blanco @cuauhtemocb10 Como están?, les comparto el link del blog en español de hoy en Terra Deportes US: http://t.co/dVEZSI4tin
  • Cuauhtemoc Blanco @cuauhtemocb10 Pórtense bien, saludos a todos! Coman mariscos, frutas y verduras!
  • Cuauhtemoc Blanco @cuauhtemocb10 También les dejo la liga del blog en inglés de ayer en Terra Deportes US: http://t.co/gQSP9VxqY9
  • Cuauhtemoc Blanco @cuauhtemocb10 Hola a todos, aquí les dejo la liga del blog en español de ayer en Terra Deportes US: http://t.co/ggsPRilLSK

Michael Chabala


#np Red Red Wine - UB40 #tune

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  • Michael Chabala @MikeChabala “Love the life you live. Live the life you love." Bob Marley
  • Michael Chabala @MikeChabala Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day. ☔👎✈⚡☁ http://t.co/FimBJADW8u
  • Michael Chabala @MikeChabala @MeatLockerBlog thank you sir. Sounds good.
  • Michael Chabala @MikeChabala Sure, only bc you asked nicely. How about June 22nd? “@ZareenSidd: @MikeChabala gimme some Dynamo tickets pleaaaase! #YouGotTheHookUp”
  • Michael Chabala @MikeChabala @012_ronaldo #smh haha

Pablo Barrera


Probando el traje para copa confederaciones http://t.co/uauqTSAhI2

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  • Pablo Barrera @pablitobarrera @Nestor_araujo3 Jajajajajaj ya esta padre gracias estamos en contacto saludos
  • Pablo Barrera @pablitobarrera @Nestor_araujo3 Ya sabes padre el nivel que te manejo jajajja jaja
  • Pablo Barrera @pablitobarrera @oscar_mendoza10 Que paso hermanó y ya sabes a Quien te pareses o te lo digo x aquí Jajajaja
  • Pablo Barrera @pablitobarrera Que buena foto!!!! http://t.co/g8eU6pG9vR
  • Pablo Barrera @pablitobarrera Camino a Jamaica!!!!

Sergio Aguero


Feliz cumple hermanito @gastidelca . Happy birthday, brother !!

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  • Sergio Aguero @aguerosergiokun Cada vez mas grande @Mascherano!! Feliz cumple 29 papu!! Happy 29th birthday, brother
  • Sergio Aguero @aguerosergiokun We deserved to win but it wasn't meant to be. But what matters is that we are closer to the World Cup! C'mon Argentina!
  • Sergio Aguero @aguerosergiokun Merecimos ganar pero no pudo ser. Lo importante es que cada vez estamos más cerca del Mundial. Vamos Argentina!!
  • Sergio Aguero @aguerosergiokun Miren quién vino a la concentración de la selección... // Look who came to where the national team is staying http://t.co/1IuTv2vNsb
  • Sergio Aguero @aguerosergiokun "@FcKunAgueroCba: #FelizKUNple25 - 25 años de GRANDEZA Y HUMILDAD... http://t.co/6pvupJrRpH @aguerosergiokun "Gracias! Que laburito!"
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